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  1. what rem 700 short action chassis candidates to consider...

    Yup. Here in NE, it doesn't really matter; our ranges are fairly sheltered so we don't get the wind calls like they do in Ohio, Indiana, etc.
  2. what rem 700 short action chassis candidates to consider...

    Inside of 800 yards, you literally CAN'T beat a 6BR. If 1000yds is in your future, then the Dasher is better.
  3. Pardini parts

    Larry's is no more. It's a shame because he/they were a great resource. I'm pretty sure all the inventory of parts went to some outfit down in Florida.
  4. Ukraine Sniper Sets New World Record For Longest Kill Shot

    I just pulled off my last Bartlein barrel last spring. We used to buy them out of the back of Brady's truck out at Camp Perry for a decent price ($400 I think?). He doesn't do that anymore, which sucks. They shot great.
  5. Ukraine Sniper Sets New World Record For Longest Kill Shot

    Lately, within the past 15 years I'd say, all rifle shooters fashion themselves as a "long range sniper". Ok, maybe not all, but a good percentage. They read stories like this, strut around, and say "see what a sniper can do". If the new "world record sniper shot" extends the kill range 20% out...
  6. I got a moose permit!

    We stayed at a camp in Eagle Lake, not tents.
  7. I got a moose permit!

    The worst part of not getting a moose, is telling everybody you didn't get a moose. We hammered it for a full week. Over 900 hunting miles on the truck, and about 40 miles on my boots. Never ever saw a bull the whole time. Several cows with calves, but no bulls. We finally got one to answer our...
  8. 2023 Meat Pole

    It seems there have been a TON of patch bucks shot in Maine this year. Probably just because a good percentage of them that are shot are posted up on the "Maine Deer Hunters" FB group, so you see a daily parade of huge bucks. It used to be, you had to wait until the Maine Sportsman paper came...
  9. Best 2 stage AR15 trigger

    Until you've felt/used a GOOD 2-stage trigger that's measured in ounces, you don't know. I love my buddy's FWB 800X, but he raves about the trigger on my Walther LG400. Wait a minute............I thought we were talking about air rifles. I'm getting my threads confused.
  10. 2023 Meat Pole

    It will be fine. You got it cleaned out right away, that's the important thing. I get mine back to the house and usually rinse out the cavity with a hose, too.
  11. Any Optics Black Friday Deals?

    Amazon has the Sightron Service Rifle scope (1-4.5x) for $375. That's a good scope for a good price.
  12. Standing Air Rifle

    We were just talking about something like this while at a coaching class. Of course, we were thinking it would be better in Maine. Somewhere between Portland and Brunswick. I think $2.5M would get the project up and running.
  13. Define mid range rifle distance

    Well, seeing as how the OP never mentioned anything about shooting people, I guess I was left wondering how the discussion went in that direction. So I asked the question.
  14. Define mid range rifle distance

    No I'm not. I'm still waiting to hear the scenario where there would be a need to do that. In New England (us being NES, and al...)
  15. Define mid range rifle distance

    Who are you guys that are searching for man-killing"capable" cartridges out at long range? Unless you are are currently in one of our armed services (in which case it doesn't matter because you are not going to be allowed to bring a personal weapon wherever you are deployed), in what possible...
  16. Ukraine Sniper Sets New World Record For Longest Kill Shot

    It's possible, just not likely. I'm not doubting the shot was made, but the probably off making it was very low. As always, my reply is "do it twice in a row; then I'll be impressed".
  17. Ukraine Sniper Sets New World Record For Longest Kill Shot

    I'm not getting the Dr Ruth reference. I know who she is, but I don't know her connection to this.
  18. Define mid range rifle distance

    Anything over 600 yards is long range. It doesn't matter what caliber you are shooting.
  19. AR-15 Barrel - Lifetime Warranty - V Seven (Manufacturer) Makes Cool Things - LIFETIME WARRANTY REGARDLESS OF ROUND COUNT - Ultimate Upper Build!!!

    What's the criteria for getting a new barrel under the warrantee? I'd buy a $1000 barrel for a lifetime warrantee if I could change it out every year, which is what I do now.
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