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  1. FFL Difficulties

    Oh, so he’s not a rat, he’s asking if he should be a rat. Copy.
  2. Panic buying at Shooting Supply in Westport, Ma. today.

    Oh no, your going to do this to?
  3. FFL Difficulties

    Lol. My guy, if you threaten to contact the State because an FFL that you have no relationship with won’t do a $25 transfer for you, AND, as you are implying above, you’re too f***in dumb to find the Classifieds here - then yeah, you’re a potential pain in the ass customer.
  4. Schumer to Bring AWB to Senate Floor

    Waste of time. They know they don’t have the votes, this is just a distraction from inflation and the potential of WW3, and an excuse to fund raise.
  5. Which piston carbine would you purchase?

    I once again must petition for an eyeroll quick emoji response.
  6. Which piston carbine would you purchase?

    Money is no object and only one other person voted for the Barrett??
  7. FFL Difficulties

    I actually don’t think we should give this guy business names. Best case scenario you just introduced the shop to a PITA customer; worst case you introduced them to a statehouse worker or “journalist.”
  8. FFL Difficulties

    “I bought a couple of lowers for $39.99 from my couch and the FFL closest to my house, who i’ve never done business with before, doesn’t find this transaction worth my $50 so I’m going to call the state manager.” It’s not easy being a gun newb in a commie state. Go green, build relationships...
  9. need to contact a moderator

    I am shocked this is regarding a pump action .22
  10. I Testified Against the ATF

    Thread title fail…or massive success, depending on perspective.
  11. A Special Kind of Stupid

    Mostly peaceful ND.
  12. We got kicked out of a gun buyback

    Donut Operator constantly offers range days to other YouTube celebrities. That’s fine except when his followers ask to do a shoot with them his response is generally I don’t want armed internet randos around me because it’s a security concern The guy is a “I’m pro-2A but…” grifter. Like this...
  13. Rise in antisemitism points at absolute need for self defense

    It’s weird to see some of the same people here that have been so rightfully skeptical of the US government and corporate media propaganda, buy into any narrative at all that has a Jew/Israel bias.
  14. Nightmare Dealers

    Now you’re just rubber-lipping.
  15. Nightmare Dealers

    When you build relationships with FFLs they will reduce the price without having to ask. Generally my buying process is; a) do I like this gun? b) can I afford this gun? If yes to a and b, I buy the gun.
  16. Bipods

    I have a Harris bipod. Get a QD setup so you can take it off once you realize you don’t want or need a bipod.
  17. Opinions on Next Level Firearms in NH

    Unfortunately Zero Hour decided not to re-open according to the below March 2016 thread. It always sucks to lose a good shop like that; but by the grace of God, Brian, who worked at ZHA, opened Next Level in NH a couple of months later...
  18. Nightmare Dealers

    So he recommended an FN over a Ruger with a safety and made fun of 1911s? I don’t see the problem.
  19. Opinions on Next Level Firearms in NH

    Is it owned by Brian that used to work at Zero Hour, who magically came up with a store’s worth of guns when Alex the owner at Zero Hour abruptly closed the doors?
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