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  1. WTS Plate Carrier

    Protective products international M2 plate carrier. good condition. No plates. There's no size written on it but I would estimate it's an extra large I'm a 2x person and it's very snug on me. $60 Pick up from me in Rehoboth/Attleboro
  2. WTS G19 Paddle Holster, SIG p229 IWB holster, 80% Lower Blank

    1x Fobus GL-2 NB + Fobus 6900 owb paddle holster for Glock 19/17 etc. New in package, open, never used. $30 1x Alien Gear IWB holster for Sig p229 Used, good condition. $25 1x Anodized 80% no markings, new in package. $80 Cash/PayPal/Venmo Meet me in Rehoboth/Attleboro or will ship for a fee.
  3. SOLD Sold

  4. WTS S&W Shield 9mm - SPF

    S&W Shield 9mm, stippled with a trijicon front sight and 8rnd mag, thumb safety, non-MA trigger. $275 SPF Face to face via eFA-10 Rehoboth/Attleboro All laws followed.
  5. WTS 16" Complete AR Upper w/ BCG and CH

    Selling a 16" complete upper w/ forward assist and Comp/Brake for a muzzle device. Includes BCG and CH. Rosco 16inch 5.56NATO 1/7 Barrel 15 inch MLOK hand guard w/ top rail. M16 BCG / Standard CH (blem as pictured) Strike Industries WarHog Comp/Brake Everything is pretty new/unfired looking...

  7. Falmouth Safety Monitor Fired After Producing Firearm On School Grounds

    “The role of safety monitor is to ensure that all students and staff are inside and the building is secure, meaning all doors are locked,” Never understood this, remembering back in the Columbine days, we had threats every week.. kids trying to get out of tests and such. Never made sense as a...
  8. WTS Euroarms of America Colt Navy 1851 Black Powder Kit

    Vintage Euroarms of America Replica Black Powder Revolver Kit. Colt Navy 1851 in .36 cal ball. Would be a nice winter project for someone with more time available than me. Appears to be all there. $200 obo Face to face, cash only. Rehoboth, MA
  9. 2023 MA Gun Ban: House has engrossed H.4139, waiting on Senate

    Yea I get that vibe from the language, I'd bet good money that will all get ripped out quick. The cost to develop that system, software, training, secure it, maintain and roll it out to the stakeholders -- it is simply not feasible.
  10. 2023 MA Gun Ban: House has engrossed H.4139, waiting on Senate

    Is there a hair cut requirement for the Moms club? Serious question.
  11. Taped together "assault weapon"

    Looks like a Glock frame upgraded internals, mech-tech featureless upper/barrel, electrical taped tacti-cool flash light, snapped off and taped on magpul stock, and some type of optic. Take note of the fun stick with only 2 rounds of 9mm. Not much fun.
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