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  1. Shriners gun show 11/11 + 11/12

    And then there wasn’t any gun shows and people wondered why
  2. Daylight Savings ends on November 5th

    Don’t forget to change the batteries in your safes
  3. Deals and steals

    I miss when this wasn’t a discussion thread.
  4. Stolen antique guns, some ‘priceless,’ will return to Massachusetts after long federal probe

    Knowing the shape of Longmeadow, the woke group will probably destroy it upon its return
  5. I'm a Firearms instructor who looking to purchase a squib damaged pistol. Anyone have one they want to sell?

    Still needs a lawful transfer, serialized gun part even though it’s damaged
  6. Anyone own either an M&P 2.0 Compact .22, or a Beretta M9a1-22?

    The S&W 22 compact is a fun shooter and similar layout to their larger caliber M&P series so good trainer as well. No issues, I’d buy another
  7. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    Sorry for your loss. Nothing worse than kids with issues and the anguish and resolution. I hope you and your family finds peace.
  8. Need a new trigger for your AR

    Interesting set-up
  9. People Who Conceal Full Size Handguns

  10. Denied on NICS Check-Am I allowed to purchase gun E-FA-10

    I’ve spoken to their agents before they were helpful.
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