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  1. Hunting ban in Middleboro

    My point exactly. Ignore them
  2. Hunting ban in Middleboro

    Bow hunt whenever and where ever you want.
  3. MA deer shotgun season

    Should have tied him to a tree
  4. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    Poopsies in marshfield. Thin crust bar pizza. I could eat 5 of them😎
  5. When coyotes attack

    I don’t know about all these coyotes ! , been in the woods 5 times bow hunting this year and have had three up close run ins with fisher cats ! And one dead doe 😊🇺🇸
  6. Who is your enemy?

    We are surrounded by the enemy. Be alert, trust no one.
  7. Local shops

    Great tip !! I’m going to go to the one of them ! I bought the last tin of 25 cal pellets at outback arms last nite. They are the hatsan vortex Stryker brand. 28.70 g. They flew awesome out of my hatsan sniper !! Silver dollar groups , 30yds standing 👍🇺🇸
  8. NYC Councilwoman Is Packing Heat

    I think I saw a fishing lure in her mouth !
  9. NES Air-gunners?

    Do you need a tank if you own a compressor ? Can you charge the rifle directly ? I’m thinking about going to pcp but know nothing about them
  10. NES Air-gunners?

    I brought my hatsan 125 sniper to the range. I set up a target at 75 yds. Everybody laughed until I brought the target Bach to the line ! My 25 cal break barrel is no joke.
  11. Gun Confiscation Due to OUI in MA

    When I went threw it, not only did they take my guns , they came to my mothers house and took all my fathers guns because I was living there. Thank god he was dead already. Lots of time and money to get it all squared away. Jason Guida got me threw it 👍👍🇺🇸
  12. MA - hearing to extend archery deer hunting season

    Hunting on sundays will also make it mandatory for the EPO to show up
  13. MA - hearing to extend archery deer hunting season

    You know fish and game are patrolling the woods on sundays looking for poachers so why not legalize Sunday hunting ?? Their already out there !!!
  14. I got a moose permit!

    Probably a boat crank and a length of chain ( to tie the boat crank to a tree) should be in your bag of recovery tricks. 20 $ for one at harbor freight. They move mountains ! Absolute back savers
  15. I got a moose permit!

    One of my friends applied and got a moose tag first try !! He took two weeks off from work and bought enough food and camping shit for two week then shot a moose 10 minutes into opening day ! Pack up all that shit and get back to work ! Lol
  16. Construction loan recommendations

    No recomandations but just wanted to say I spent a few days there last week at my in-laws. They’re just off Harris trail. Beautiful area down there and the local 17 steak house is the best !!
  17. finally both sides agree on karnal kamel toe harris

    Spitters are quitters…….so no
  18. Permit holder living with a non-permit holder?

    If you want to be happy for the rest of your life….. make a fat gun toting bitch your wife 😊
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