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  1. NY gun laws vs MA/CT + moving to upstate

    I would never live in NY. Nothing in NY would be worth it. Not just because of 2A infringements, but… NY. Federal LE friends assigned to NY field offices don’t even live in the state and they have LE freedoms. But, you do you.
  2. Knights armament love

    Rooftop has an SR15 upper for sale if anybody is looking. Just one in stock though.
  3. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Man, that mount’s so heavy it flipped your rifle upside down.
  4. Glock switch. How do you legally own one?

    It amazes me, the arrogance of the chiefs who do this for their friends and don’t even hold the demo, or leave a records track showing it was fraudulent. If they just held the demo (if the FFL is buying Mags, they can fund a small range day) and restricted written records to shown interest in...
  5. Last day to comment on new “dealer definition” rule

    I haven’t read this rule yet, as I just found out the deadline is tonight. But basically it will drastically encompass a lot of private sales into requiring an FFL. Let’s flood the comments with reasoned arguments why this is crap.
  6. Polymer 80

    Then they missed turning off FDE or they’re testing their luck. 🤦‍♂️ The SCOTUS stay continues. “November 9th, 2023: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a landmark decision in VanDerStok v. Garland, overturning the ATF's "frame or receiver" rule and marking another significant victory...
  7. Polymer 80

    But they’re not even selling anything. He’s again spouting garbage.
  8. Polymer 80

    You realize that link says out of stock, right? As in, they marked it as out of stock because they can’t sell it. These companies leave the products up so they can turn sales back on easily if litigation comes back in our favor. Again, you’re posting incorrect crap.
  9. Polymer 80

    And if he did check the website for 30 seconds before posting, he’d have been able to check his assumptions before posting:
  10. Three H-47 Chinook helicopters over Medfield at 10:15 AM today

    A rather stacked general. View:
  11. Three H-47 Chinook helicopters over Medfield at 10:15 AM today

    They were 160th, so yes. The most badass Chinooks around… which happen to also be painted black.
  12. Polymer 80

    You’re speculating and making assumptions that are wrong. 80% Arms WERE one of the vendors that were part of the lawsuit. And for a long while they were one of the only places able to sell frames and jigs together. What happened is the Supreme Court issued a stay after the 5th circuit’s...
  13. Huge Drug/Gun Bust in Longmeadow MA

    $500k!? Even with a fairly liberal markup for “street value”, I’m looking at about $100k for the guns, frames, slides, uppers, and body armor. Add in a few $k extra for various accessories. I just don’t see how they get anywhere close to $500k. Also, LOL
  14. Three H-47 Chinook helicopters over Medfield at 10:15 AM today

    This could be part of the new SecArmy’s goal of trying to get more people in the Army who don’t have family military history. Or the General just wanted to show off for his Alma mater and I’m giving the Army too much credit for recruiting foresight.
  15. Knights armament love

    I’m waiting for 22 PRC. As long as I get to zero and compete in one match before the barrel goes, it’s worth it.
  16. Three H-47 Chinook helicopters over Medfield at 10:15 AM today

    Yup. For a Pats game, and I would assume prepping for the Army vs Navy game this Saturday. View: View:
  17. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    And it shouldn’t be that way. The founders made it quite known in supporting documents and statements that rights were not limited to the ones enumerated in the constitution.
  18. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    God, that commerce clause. I know people joke about telling the founders to clarify with the 2nd amendment if they had a Time Machine… I’d extend that to clarifying the limits on the commerce clause to. It’s like a gift wrapped tool for authoritarians to seize more federal power. And the courts...
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