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  1. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  2. Carrying and dressing like a good guy.

    I'm so ugly it hurts....gaze averted.
  3. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  4. Unusual concealment/carry methods

    Zappa, it think the cylinder latch needs to be adjusted or you may have trouble on the draw stroke...
  5. Could You Help Me Decide

  6. Remington 870 pump models

    That is a nice set up Atmay, I was just responding to the op as a pgrip or std stock options, but I like the idea of yours.
  7. pump or semi-auto for home defense

    Where do you think turkey burgers come from? LOL
  8. S&W 1911, 9mm

    I tried that smith pro 9mm at the smith range after our factory tour, I fell in lust. After some research, I called john at Remsport and he is in process of making one to my spec/taste as we speak. Same kind of money-give or take and you will receive a sweet, well running 1911 that is unlike...
  9. Remington 870 pump models

    when you run out of shells a wood stock makes kickin club, but if you have narrow hallways the pistol grip will reduce the required swing area..../sarcazzzzzam on a more serious note, full stock is alot more pleasant to shoot. and I believe more controlable during recoil.
  10. pump or semi-auto for home defense

    If yo want the bad guy to wet himself as he hears you clanging and banging your way down the hall with that loose as a truckstop hooker Mossberg, then get a 500. they are reliable, sloppy but reliable. Seriously! Have you ever shook one? I have had friends in my hunting party bring one of...
  11. The Epitome of Frustration!

    Oh, ok too big a hammer....I am sorry...carry on
  12. The Epitome of Frustration!

    What does being a lic. driver have to do with being a responsible gun owner? What if you lived in Btown and did not need a car, never got a drivers lic.? would you not then be able to buy a firearm? Best yet, if you still feel naked without it, give the shop a call and ask. While you are at...
  13. Why are there so many Glock Haters?

    That sounds like a real expensive sword fight! but if this debate can hold of till Nov I'll have a brandy spankin new 9mm 1911 to start torture testing. Cue the .45/9mm debate in 5, 4, 3,,,,,
  14. Why are there so many Glock Haters?

    umbrages I know that the glocks do have some redeeming qualities and that their owners usually have more sense than they are given credit for. The smart and whitty verbal barrages are the reason for the argument not the hardware itself, tit for tat is so much fun... and that my friends is...
  15. Why are there so many Glock Haters?

    Iguess i duped sorry,
  16. Why are there so many Glock Haters?

  17. Why are there so many Glock Haters?

    And now, A passage from the bible, book of John JMB: verses 1-4 1: Thy hand gun must be of such weight that the limp wristed may not partake, lest they shootest themselves in the unwashed foot 2: The true 1911 shall be of such great cost, the HUD-led masses cannot afford to even look at one...
  18. Why are there so many Glock Haters?

    I gotta agree, Rust is a real problem for my stuff, I have to go get a glock as the sweat from my thong has etched "fruit of the loom" across the slide of my 1911. Sorry bout the Tan lines.... And your retinas
  19. Vinyl or Fiberglass Replacement Windows

    +1 on the harvey vinyl, I have installed many for customers/others and feel that vinyl suff for most applications. As stated earlier, the fiberglass is more dimensionally stable during temp extreems. Fiberglass is also sturcturally more stable when mulling multiple windows together, but for...
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