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  1. Cannonball Coast-To-Coast Record Broken By This Long-Range E63 AMG

    Sacramento to MA in 41 hours. 3046 miles. I was doing 100 most of the way and only averaged 74. Cooler full of sandwiches and caffeinated soda on the front seat. I'd eat a sandwich and drink a soda, stop an hour later for gas and pee break then get back at it. Biggest hazard was the tractor...
  2. checking reciepts at wal mart

    This dude stands at the exit door like a bouncer and his name tag reads "Security". About a year ago he stopped me in the middle of the store after I paid for an iphone case in the electronics section and was headed for the exit.
  3. Aloha! Massachusetts EBT cards used at posh hotels in Hawaii

    Absolutely. I'm all for feeding people who are truly needy but we need to boot the leaches. There should be a photo on the card so they can't sell it to someone else and it should only be accepted for specific things like food and maybe local utilities like gas and electric. The ATM feature is...
  4. Aloha! Massachusetts EBT cards used at posh hotels in Hawaii

    MA doesn't have a requirement for time of residency in the state before being eligible for benefits. A lot of states require someone to be a resident for 30 days, 60 days, etc. but I have no idea what the specifics are. MA just lets people fly right in from wherever and go straight to the...
  5. Aloha! Massachusetts EBT cards used at posh hotels in Hawaii

    Welfare is 7-8% of the total state budget so it's not as bad as you think, but the system definitely does need to be overhauled to kick off the leaches and career welfare bums. They shouldn't be able to spend the money on anything other than basic living expenses. The amount of money they...
  6. checking reciepts at wal mart

    The security guy at the Taunton Target is ruthless. Asks me every single time. One of these days I'm just going to carry my largest handgun in one of those re-usable sacks and then load my groceries into it as well. He'll get a fun surprise when he checks my receipt and bag. Back around 2005...
  7. News Alert: Person Shot @ AFS North Attleboro

    Yes. Six years ago when I was totally new to shooting I asked what the reason was. The employee was kinda' beating around the bush and I wasn't picking up on it so he finally blurted it out. He seemed almost emotional about it and I felt bad for being so naive.
  8. News Alert: Person Shot @ AFS North Attleboro

    Dang. This is like the third or fourth time there.
  9. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Just watched it. If you enjoy mob movies like Goodfellas and Casino then you'd probably like The Irishman. It's 3.5 hours and slow paced so you have to be in the mood for it.
  10. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

    Montreal might be better off with this:
  11. s&w mp 15-22 sport question

    There's a MA compliant version with a pinned stock and no muzzle device. It's subject to the MA AWB rules but exempt from the 7/16 Healey "rules". The buffer tube is fake so it's just a plastic tube molded into the receiver. It will accept some aftermarket stocks like the Magpul MAG480 Fixed...
  12. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

  13. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    DT Swiss Big Ride Hubs, Carbon HED Big Deal Hoops, Sapim CX-Ray Spokes, Sapim Polyax Aluminum Nipples and HED Rubber Backed Washers
  14. .50 BMG Ranges in MA?

    I might have been there that day. About two years ago there was a guy shooting a 50BMG prone. I had earplugs and ear muffs on and it was still brutal. The lights flickered every time he fired it.
  15. First Gun Purchase

    I got my LTC about 6 years ago and I didn't know anything about firearms and I had no one to ask. I was nervous about recoil, my budget was limited and I wanted a thumb safety so I got a Ruger SR22 for my first gun. Practiced with it and carried it for a couple of months then bought a used Ruger...
  16. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

    I fell asleep after the second period when it was 4-0 and just woke up to 4-4. What the heck!
  17. Northeast Kingdom VT

    East Burke is a mountain bike mecca in the summer. Kingdom Trails and Burke Mountain are EXTREMELY popular with all types of riders...Some hardcore and some family oriented. Lots of tourism, Air BnB's, etc. Could be an opportunity for a side hustle in hospitality or owning some sort of rental...
  18. Where to buy skis/boots

    Go to a good shop and spend some time with a knowledgeable bootfitter. Plan to spend some money. Bring or buy the socks you plan to wear with the boots. Ski specific socks are worth the money. Thin toes and padded shins really do make a difference. Be sure to get the correct size boots. Most...
  19. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    Let's all chip in. They only want $2.25M
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