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  1. USPS and how it's a constant fail festival

    First my daughter works at a company that routinely gets 10's of thousand of dollars a day in checks. Mail gets delivered sometimes every other day cause the carrier is too lazy to climb a flight of stairs to deliver. Next, I got my Lowes Black Friday sale flyer the following Monday.
  2. 'Throne Down': Over 60 Latin King Gang Members Arrested in Mass.

    Time to take out the trash. View: View:
  3. Massachusetts Permit to Store More Than 10,000 Rounds

    I went to my local Fire Chief to ask for one and he said "what"? Gave me the permit for free after he looked it up and found there was such a thing.
  4. Kamala Harris drops out of presidential race

    Back to polishing the sheets for her next political move.
  5. Lying Pocahontas On The Trail Again

    Just what I was thinking. Is there no one on her staff that could tell her to stay away from the Indian stuff?
  6. 11 people gunned down in New Orleans attack

    Chicago reacts. Says “Hold my beer”.
  7. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    What is everyone using for an oven to do Hi-Tek coating? I've seen other posts that Convection is better than just a Toaster oven. I'd like something with two shelves I think.
  8. Deval Patrick was considering run for President... Now he's IN.

    USA Today is not a fan. Did not realize his connection to Ruby Ridge.
  9. Blue Bullets - Black Friday

    Used a ton of 9MM with good results. Just tried some .38's 125 Gr and they worked well. Will go to the .45 's too when I exhaust others that I already have. They also sell 250 of free ship packages.
  10. Milwalkee tool kit- good deal or not

    Got a Black Friday flyer for Home Depot, virtually every manufacturer has drills, batteries and everything on sale. Surprised no flyer from Lowe’s.
  11. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    Pretty much going to use this with a 12 quart dutch oven to melt wheel weights and do some smelting. Then use my Lyman to cast.
  12. Who's the Best chevy truck dealership? Negotiations/service. Near central MA

    In unrelated news. I saw some de-construction equipment and about 50 dumpsters lined up at the old Chace Chevrolet in Middleboro.
  13. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    Picked one up yesterday. The one they had setup as a display model was not very stable. So after looking it over I could see they had put it together wrong. Anyway, bought one, brought it home and assembled it. Nice unit. I wouldn't put a 1/2 Propane tank pot on it but for anything less it would...
  14. Are there no adult men in New Hampshire available ?

    So the stories about Cougars being in New Hampshire are true.
  15. Taunton Mall hero's home in foreclosure

    Always a sketchy place. My daughter was working at the Nextel Kiosk while she was in college. A guy stabbed someone because he "disrespected" him. The victim literally fell into the kiosk and died right in front of her.
  16. Taunton Mall hero's home in foreclosure

    I remember Bertuccis placed a plaque on the bar stool he was sitting at when this happened. When they closed they gave the stool to his widow.
  17. WTS Gun-Ho Pistol Box w/scope

    WTS; Like new Gun-Ho Four Pistol Box w/ Bushnell Scope. Located Greater New Bedford area. $200.00
  18. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    Looks like MP Molds has Black Friday sale of 20% off.
  19. Taunton Mall hero's home in foreclosure

    I remember this. This guy saved his wife and another woman from being stabbed, but was killed before someone else stopped the guy. Rosemary Heath Fights To Save Taunton Home From Foreclosure
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