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  1. Utility van to Camper van is a great resource. They are like a cult. Lots of great ideas. I told my wife when we retire I want to just travel the country in one of these.
  2. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    My wife applied 12/27/18, she still doesn't have hers. They warned her that it would probably take extra time because of an issue with her fingerprints barely showing up, but 4 months seems excessive. This is in Bellingham where I received mine in under 6 weeks.
  3. COMM2A Smile

    Thanks. Just changed it on mine as well as my wife's account. With the amount that she spends on Amazon, Comm2A should be able to buy a Ferrari...
  4. COMM2A Smile

    Do you have the actual smile link? I tried searching using the "charity lists" but nothing comes up for Commonwealth Second Amendment.
  5. Yes! Scholarship Score!

    My daughter was also accepted to Stonehill with the same award. When I saw the room/board cost I said to my wife that we would be better off having her live at home and buy her a $30k SUV to commute (we are 25 minutes up 495). My wife wants her to live on campus for at least the first year to...
  6. toll transponder blocker box.

    You may be able to pick up a small metal box and affix it to your dashboard. Keep the lid on when you don't want it to transmit and then take the lid off for the tolls. Something like THIS You could probably attach the lid with Velcro for easy removal/replacement
  7. BuckyBalls Will Not Be Down For Breakfast

    The BuckyBalls ban has been lifted by an appeals court. It was actually lifted a few years back. You Can Legally Purchase Buckyballs in the U.S. Again
  8. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Wedding anniversary. :)
  9. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    New member from Bellingham here. Been lurking for a while. You all seem like a great group of folks. Plan to sit back and learn for a while before wading in too deep.
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