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  1. Worlds Oldest Person Dies At 117

    there are lots of people claiming 120s out there but their countries record keeping lacks a little.
  2. Dupe....

    No Thread for Old Men, friendo. [laugh].
  3. Aron Hernandez dead

    What a waste of govt resources raising schooling and then housing this moron, although I did think he was innocent cuz you know Glocks are illegal in MA
  4. MAGA supporters take out Antifah and give them wedgies

    The helmets the MAGA were wearing made their charge look like something from braveheart.
  5. MAGA supporters take out Antifah and give them wedgies

    I believe she tweeted that she was going there to get a 100 Nazi scalps, looks more like she got scalped by one Nazi. Unfortunately, she didn't get her twat bush scalped, for those who miss the good old days, she does amateur porn at a site called natural and hairry...
  6. Security warning on login

    They probably hired some Nigerian princes, nothing to worry about. [rofl]
  7. Nevada Bill Would Allow Criminals to Sue Victims Who Defend Themselves

    Wonder whether their is a police immunity provision for off duty cops.
  8. Zombie migration hits E.U. Megathread

    Why does this man wear a head scarf?
  9. "All lawful purposes", automatic denial of ltc renewal

    For personal safety and my hobbie of collecting/target shooting/ hunting, what more could you list?
  10. Zombie migration hits E.U. Megathread

    Forgot to ban the upper decker.[rofl]
  11. Thieves Crash Stolen Truck Through Florida Gun Shop

    There was a motorcycle shop recently where they grabbed like a dozen motocross bikes.
  12. Hitch mounted motorcycle carries!

    Go to local rental place get small trailer for a day or two/ thread
  13. Neil Gorsuch ON the bench! Sworn in TODAY .

    Just remind​ them how Obama got his state and federal seats. Republicans followed the rules , fair and square.
  14. Sweden - here we come: Truck plows into crowd inside Swedish shopping center

    You have be retarded to not be able to make a bomb explode - - - Updated - - - these people have been programmed to be this way by foreign owners of their media and thus their minds.
  15. Seriously...why is Lynn such a cesspool?

    Because certain people enrich themselves on blight and filth.
  16. Big dog or mountain lion

    Pads are spread out rounder on lion tracks. It's best when you actually see the cat. Had one cross the road bout 100 meters out, moved fast and couldn't tell if the was a golden retriever or cat till I pulled over and saw it's face.
  17. Who's buying S&W?

    Joking [smile]
  18. Cast Iron Cooking - How many of you cook solely on cast iron cookware?

    I wonder how people have been killed by these. [laugh] - - - Updated - - - 10 years, six home grown eggs for breakfast everyday with lots of ketchup.
  19. Who's buying S&W?

    Well there goes your warranty, quick delete your post. [rofl]
  20. Who's buying S&W?

    On the flip side this is just as wrong or more so.
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