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  1. 14 Shots Fired In Neighborhood

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself.... "Assault Rifles were banned in Ma in 1998 there is no such thing in Ma"
  2. Danvers Walmart - A not so funny, funny when buying ammo

    1. You don't need to show proof of any FID/Gun permit or anything in N.H. You may be asked to prove your age as you must be a certain age to by Ammo. example: I once pulled out my Mass LTC at Rileys to have the guy laugh at me and say. "I don't need that" 2. The Mass LTC not only has your...
  3. Saltwater License?

    You needed one this past season too. However, it was free from the feds. There were some times when the EPO's were out looking for people without them.
  4. Interesting C&R gun

    I'm not sure why you all think this is such a great piece of engineering. Looks nothing more then a zip gun made by inmates or gang members. Besides it would be useless in a combat situation. 1. Aim would be bad. 2. Is the guy going around pointing his pecker at people. 3. Maybe you...
  5. Post Ride Report - Cross X Charity Motorcycle Ride

    In :) Has anyone seen Martlet? ADV is a site that will literally steal weekends away from you, then get you to ride to the most remote places imaginable. It's the one place that after all the places I've been on a motorcycle I feel like a total schlub. You ride the Translab then someone...
  6. Official Signup: Cross-X Charity Motorcycle Run Oct 23rd

    Great Job Troy, Great Job to everyone else for showing up and I did not hear one complaint about the temperature. I wish I could have stayed at the party.
  7. Official Signup: Cross-X Charity Motorcycle Run Oct 23rd

    I'll be rolling with at least a half gallon extra.
  8. Official Signup: Cross-X Charity Motorcycle Run Oct 23rd

    I don't know. I have always thought people in heated gear were the smart ones. My jacket and grips will be on tomorrow.
  9. Good deal on a DPMS lightweight upper $399 MidwayUSA until 10/31/10

    Except it has a Bayo lug and a flash hider. i.e. the words "Pre-Ban" on it. Making this upper illegal in Ma. However this one is legal and cheaper: Keep in mind that this one has no forward assist, brass deflector or dust cover on the...
  10. Looking for a Hassle-free Club to Join on the North Shore

    How is that talking out of both sides. It's a rule, not a LAW. Every club has rules to keep people safe. Only way around it is to build your own range and even then you have to abide by local/state/federal laws. The 5 round limit is to stem the morons who like to belt loop auto their guns...
  11. Official Signup: Cross-X Charity Motorcycle Run Oct 23rd

    I have a set of 2 x 6 x 8's with metal lips on it that I use, but I'm sure it would be dangerous if I strapped them on the bike. If you still need them him me offlist and we can make arrangements to get them to you. I also hope you'll have a gas can in the follow truck. I'm sure someone with a...
  12. Official Signup: Cross-X Charity Motorcycle Run Oct 23rd

    Troy, Money sent for one rider and a bit extra to cover PP fees. Doubtful I will show up, however if I do I will be more then happy to sign autographs and bore people with the story of riding to Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse up the dalton :) As for the cold, if you haven't already found the world...
  13. Firearms and Accessories Show Royal Plaza - Marlborough Sept 26&27

    Just got back, parking lot was jammed. Inside wasn't so bad. The usual characters were there. I noticed not so many evil black rifles this time around. Maybe the post craze glut has finally started to even things out. Saw some decent ammo prices for cases, Lot of way overpriced guns...
  14. Manchester-by-the-Sea man arrested for stockpiling weapons and ammunition

    He had smoke and tear gas grenades, along with some ballistic plates he was shooting at in the attic. His wife called the cops saying she was scared to go home. He made statements to the effect that it wasn't wrong to shoot traitors in the head. He told the neighbors not to worry about the...
  15. s&w sigma

    There is also another method which replaces the outer (bigger spring) with a ball point pen spring.(do more googling) There is also talk about calling a S&W warranty place in Texas and talking to "Frank Smith" and tell him your trigger is way too stiff. The place is called LSG manufacturing...
  16. Carrying at Logan

    Good luck finding a legal description of "on the airport".
  17. Home Storage of Weapon

    Why not just get a simple old school tool box that has the bracket that allows you to put a lock on it. Something like: Put gun in box, lock box, slide box under bed or in...
  18. Dirt Cheap Gun Belts (Today Only)

    Got mine today. again WOW can't beat it for 2.99. Mine came USPS. Now only if I had gotten in sooner to get a black one I would be doing flips. This was my first purpose built belt and I'm super impressed. No more flopping and the support for the holster is a whole other world. Thanks to the...
  19. Dirt Cheap Gun Belts (Today Only)

    Just got this a few minutes ago: "Your order has been processed and shipped. Please allow 24 hours to track this package"
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