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  1. .45 ACP AR PCC Who's built one?

    Pictured above is the AR45 lower from CNC which as you can see takes (preban!) M3 Grease Gun mags. Can be found/ordered at and trust me it makes a lovely weapon to shoot. Bazooka Bros also made a lower called the "BAZ-45" which took M3 mags, but they're not common. Why grease...
  2. What color to paint Sten

    Good choice, paint wise. Down the line, some "crinkle" engine paint would call a Sterling to mind and look damn good. Easily done on top of black grill paint, and it's high-heat itself.
  3. Prototype P365 Light

    It's cool but looks bulky to me. I'd be redesigning the Sig light to incorporate the switch type you DO like.
  4. Pony clamps Jorgensen clamps

    The Three Represents in full effect. Can't sell tools to people who don't make it; it's made "somewhere else". Can't sell tools who people who don't repair it; it's thrown away when it breaks, and replaced. Can't sell tools to people who won't buy them; they already bought tools from...
  5. Faxon VS Ballistic Advantage?

    Is it just me or is their website confusing, borderline useless?
  6. 80% AR build in MA

    +1 Bolt, lever, or pump gets around the ban, and the bullshit edict. Having scratch built many ARs since the ban, I'm of the mindset to use a virgin lower for a non-semi build, and an 80% for a pinned mag build. I says this because if you add a pinned mag to an existing lower, I could see a...
  7. 80% AR build in MA

    Under the word of law, yes. Under Mad Mauras bullshit non-law edicts, no. Currently the best option is a pinned 10rd magazine. Make sure it's in place before you install the upper.
  8. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    IANAL but my lawyer suggested not affixing pre ban large-capicity feeding devices, so I've gone 10rd on my pistols and rifles.
  9. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    I'd make sure you make your own lower, or use a virgin lower, and not use one that was ever configured to accept detachable magazines.
  10. Anyone build any roller-lock guns? Specifically MP5-style pistol caliber carbines.

    If I had a CETME or G3-style receiver I'd be all over it; those kits are dirt cheap and I've serviced many G3 clones and C308s at work. Still waffling, but I appreciate the input. All said that's not a bad price compared to a complete firearm (9mm MP5 clone).
  11. Anyone build any roller-lock guns? Specifically MP5-style pistol caliber carbines.

    Ah OK "just add a lower" type deal. Not bad... pricing is... pricing. Which sticks out to me. Looks like pretty sweet build fodder, though. Good shooter? I'm still waffling on whether to build this up or pass it along. Looks like the hardest bit is done (it's not a "flat") but that trunnion...
  12. Anyone build any roller-lock guns? Specifically MP5-style pistol caliber carbines.

    This is something I've heard a lot, and it seems to make a LOT of sense (an AK receiver is relatively square and doesn't have much riding along it, where this is nearly round and coming from a flat piece). Thankfully I've got a serialized receiver/upper which came from a functional firearm, so...
  13. Anyone build any roller-lock guns? Specifically MP5-style pistol caliber carbines.

    So I've "built" AR platform, AK platform, MAC style closed bolt, and Uzi-influenced closed bolt guns. By that I mean percentage built receivers and parts kits/demills, as well as made-from-scratch lowers with parts kits/demills. All of these guns are pretty well documented for home brewing (lots...
  14. Pin/Weld Lantac muzzle device

    Thanks! QFT - the only acceptable solder is that with a melting point over 1100*f which is expensive, ugly, and tough to work with. Definitely not worth your time.
  15. Pin/Weld Lantac muzzle device

    Walmart tends to have decent size tubes of cold blue gel for under $10. So does Cabela's.
  16. Pin/Weld Lantac muzzle device

    Incredibly easy - you don't need a flat spot, either. Position/torque as needed, drill a hole to the appropriate depth, insert a piece of drill bit (nice and hard) and weld/file. A little cold blue and you're done.
  17. 80% help

    TLDR; "Hi Maura" and "No" LOL
  18. I know this has to be illeagal in MA.....

    Just make sure to build it closed bolt, free-floating firing pin, or you'll have a hole 'nother prison system to worry about.
  19. AR-Stoner Parts

    That's what I like to hear they're cheap as all getout.
  20. AR-Stoner Parts

    I see their LPKs for cheap, and thoughts on the trigger?
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