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  1. Gun-friendly MA reps / senators?

    If it doesn't "fold" or "telescope" it is not currently an assault weapon feature in MA (assuming we're talking about weapons which meet the first test of the AWB).
  2. Vehicle storage laws

    I mean, a "truck gun" has been "a thing" for decades. There were reasons for pickup trucks to have long gun racks 50-70 years ago, so with the ongoing mostly peaceful protests of the last few years, and the death cultist attacks of the last few decades, aren't there just more reasons? Sucks he...
  3. Good outcome

    Wow, family member or friend I wonder? Obviously not something to share. Doesn't sound like it was a suspiscious FFL who turned him in. I wonder, is more of this to be expected now that we are living under soviet rule, with the government asking us to turn in our family and neighbors? Sickening.
  4. Good outcome

    I would be preparing the civil suit. What does a good cerakote job go for these days? Times 18. Any tips on what NOT to do for those in MA who wish to avoid ATF scrutiny that loses you your license and guns without charges? Either way, cheers for helping another poor guy in this state dodge...
  5. Preban AR lower pistol build

    There are a few preban AR pistols out there. Most do not operate in a traditional AR fashion. Many do not operate very well at all. Build an SBR... doesn't even have to be preban. And if you use a preban lower, well, engrave the barrel and de-list it so you don't have trouble selling when...
  6. Preban AR lower pistol build

    Just SBR it man. You have knocked it out of the park with first posts though! You're gonna get called "Maura" more than the wicked witch herself.
  7. MA license but have property in FL

    One reason convincing a dealer is tough is that it is against federal law for them to sell something not legal in the purchasers home state. This is a rule for FFLs, not customers. IANAL but in running several FFLs and owning residences in several states at once, a utility bill and tax bill go...
  8. Benelli M4 entry 14” SBS

    When I had an 07/SOT in MA I had no problem with manufacturing and transferring on my license, but I never tried anything as an individual, because why poke the bear. That is a really good question, as the MGL says "Whoever, except as provided by law," and only points to the MGLs on machineguns...
  9. Benelli M4 entry 14” SBS

    Requisite "Hi Maura". The short answer is you cannot, and should not attempt to. The long answer involves what the feds call an "SBS" meeting the MA definition of a different item (SOS, or sawed-off-shotgun) and being grounds for a potential life sentence, unless you are an exempt military or...
  10. Mass laws

    There have been a half dozen major suits in the last few years. FPC just filed another.
  11. Mass Resident buying in GA

    I smell a missing vote in GA [frown] and tax dollars going to your in-state tuition.
  12. Outer threads on a brake and the MA AWB

    I've had weapons with pinned 3-lug gull wings, no issue.
  13. Outer threads on a brake and the MA AWB

    I wasn't even thinking about it that way... but it's a fair point - "what if they think this is meant for a can". I was thinking more that the only purpose I see for an externally threaded brake is TO install a can. So why bother when you can't have one?
  14. Outer threads on a brake and the MA AWB

    Back in the AWB days the feds wanted a blind pinned and welded brake, or a silver soldered brake. The feds feel at that point the brake is not an attached accessory, but a part of the barrel. That's why today, you can buy a 14" AR barrel - very common - and simply pin/weld or silver solder a...
  15. How to handle a delayed transfer in Mass?

    Also - is it possible your friend acquired said rifle as a parts lot including a serialized receiver (but not a firearm, capable of discharging a shot per MGL) and within 7 days of assembling said collection of parts into a firearm (as defined by MGL) which was rather recent, he then filed an...
  16. How to handle a delayed transfer in Mass?

    Does your friend own a boat?
  17. Pre-Ban AR-15 Barrel Length

    No. NO. The 16 inch or greater barrel length requirement dates back to 1934 (National Firearms Act) - no AR is "grandfathered". To install the barrel you'd like you will need to apply for a $200 tax stamp, and if approved, have your gun engraved as an SBR (short barrel rifle). Alternately...
  18. Stolen Ammo Delivery MA

    Hell some of them get posted by law enforcement XD
  19. Stolen Ammo Delivery MA

  20. Home built firearms...

    Hi Maura and/or Reporter. I am not a lawyer but I would ask myself these questions... Do I have a Massachusetts firearms license (FID or LTC)? Am I building this firearm for my own use, using only equipment which I myself own? Am I familiar with the various state and federal laws about the...
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