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  1. Nightmare Dealers

    Like this guy?.... I know, I know... but it still makes me laugh and I don't think its been posted in 24 hours. View:
  2. Only enough $ for one gun.

    Her name is Beulah... and I loved carrying that thing! And it's a 40 too. I shoot that gun like it was made for me.... And as we ALL know....40 hits sooooo much harder than 9mm. LOL
  3. Only enough $ for one gun.

    I carried a 229 for years, and own a 226 and 220 as well... The 229 is a big difference in carry experience vs a 365xl. Much bigger gun
  4. It’s just that there aren’t ENOUGH laws…..

    I think the bigger risk is that it would lead to certain groups of people, the oppressed, under represented, protected classes spending more time in prison, and this would be politically unpopular. Additionally, we were discussing violent crimes. I understand the argument you are trying to...
  5. It’s just that there aren’t ENOUGH laws…..

    That is not at all what I am assuming I am assuming that violent offenders will very likely re-offend, based on the data. The data also supports the notion that if we keep scumbags in prison they won't commit armed robbery or home invasion, while they are there. ETA: Why should we concern...
  6. Only enough $ for one gun.

    You are right. I got the model number wrong... it was a P85. And it was absolute garbage. Not sure what showing a page on Gunbroker of a bunch of hot garbage on sale for less than $150 bucks proves? One ad the current bid is less than the shipping! [rofl] The P series was absolute dog shit...
  7. It’s just that there aren’t ENOUGH laws…..

    They shut down most of the global economy, locked down schools and businesses and forced the public to wear masks, knowing full well the masks did nothing and the survival rate was 99%, all to make sure Trump wasn't reelected. They changed the way the entire country votes, to be able to...
  8. It’s just that there aren’t ENOUGH laws…..

    In theory, it is not about the laws preventing the crime, it is about the punishment being enough of a deterrent to dissuade all but the craziest of people look for alternatives to crime. Make the sentence for armed car jacking, armed robbery, armed home invasion etc, life in prison. Eliminate...
  9. Salesman of the year

    More evidence that the MSM is just plain stupid and out of touch. They show Americans story after story of some nut job going off the reservation and shooting up a bowling alley/ nightclub/ cookout / church/ supermarket, and they think Americans will respond by thinking " We need moar Gun...
  10. Only enough $ for one gun.

    Judge not, lest ye be judged. We really don't know what has been going on in the OP's life, so that is not fair. We are lucky that life has not forced us to make decisions that are hard to swallow. Because I will tell you, for sure, I would sell every gun and every round of ammo, if I had to...
  11. Only enough $ for one gun.

    None.... If the POS firearm you bought malfunctions.
  12. Only enough $ for one gun.

    OP - there are a couple of decent deals in the classifieds right now that you might want to look at. Canik Elite for $390. Leaves you with plenty money for ammo and has a trigger that is becoming legendary.
  13. Only enough $ for one gun.

    Agreed. But if you ever think a threat may be coming, having a 12ga handy is not the worst choice. I disagree. If you buy the cheapest guns available, they will perform like the cheapest guns available, with very rare exception. I would buy quality used before I bought new garbage. But everyone...
  14. Nightmare Dealers

    And that's what you get for buying a RUGER!
  15. Only enough $ for one gun.

    OP, you have asked the age old, most answered, rarely agreed upon, firearms question, on the internet. You are going to get many different opinions and answers, but only you know what will work best for you. There are pros and cons to all platforms and without knowing your level of comfort...
  16. Nightmare Dealers

    In many businesses, asking for a discount is common practice, or asking for a cash discount. I never get offended when people ask. I don't sell to the public but even at the wholesale level, it is common. Cash is honestly a pain in the ass. I would rather take a check. Cash requires my book...
  17. Nightmare Dealers

    I still can't get over the fact that the OP bought his girlfriend a Ruger. Sooner or later, someone is going to tell her, and there is going to be hell to pay. When she finds out that you bought her a Ruger, and don't care enough to buy her a decent gun...oh boy. Might as well give her a cubic...
  18. Define mid range rifle distance

    Not so much in New England, but the folks that are plagued with prairie dogs sure do get some long shots out there in the Dakotas. I could also see some predator hunters looking for long range capabilities to keep coyote away from livestock. But you are right. If I feel the need to engage a...
  19. Define mid range rifle distance

    The Marine Corps qualify out to 500 yards. And when I went through in the 80's, we did it with iron sights. At 500, your front sight pretty much covers the target. Not true. At 1000 yards, a 308 is still moving about 1300 feet per second. Basically about 9mm at point blank range.
  20. Always ask for a warrant before letting the police in

    I'm sorry to hear this. I hope she is OK and back home, or will be home soon. I want to shoot her just for those stupid finger nails
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