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  1. Changing my direction as it relates to firearms

    I just got a Valmet M76 in high-polish blue and let me tell you something; it's slicker than dogsnot on a doorknob. They're not cheap (around the same price as a PT Legend), but the good stuff always costs money.
  2. Help! Live round stuck in the chamber!

    The extractor is most likely stuck against a cartridge that has firmly wedged itself inside the chamber. Keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction, lay it on it's left side with the ejection port facing up. Lift the extractor edge with a small flat blade screwdriver and the slide should go...
  3. Marlboro Show September 24th & 25th

    I did VERY well at this show, and scratched two firearms off the short list that I've been looking for, for quite some time.
  4. Green membership

  5. Coined my own term " buyers empty wallet syndrome"

    It's called "Buyer's remorse". It's not a new concept.
  6. New Discovery Show "Sons of Guns"

    Show is positively ridiculous and hurts us more than it helps IMO.
  7. Reloading Component Trading Thread - Please Read the Rules In the OP Before Posting

    I have: A large amount of .40 S&W brass (1500+ pieces) .41 Magnum (Approx. 50 pieces or so) ALL TRADED .38 Super (Approx 50 pieces) ALL TRADED .45acp (All tumbled, inspected and sorted for those nasty headstamps that use small pistol primers, approx 500 pieces) I also have some primers...
  8. The most unreliable gun you've shot

    To all who shot the DE at the last shoot (or really ever for that matter). I'm well aware that it is NOT the picture of reliability (see my lampooning of it in the "Your guns suck" thread written some years ago on this forum), but I am suprised that it jammed with the .50ae barrel in it so...
  9. HK USP 40 now legal

    I'd recommend changing your thread title to "Compliant" as they were always legal to own in Mass.
  10. Anyone have a good source for gun sew-on patches?

    I appreciate the suggestions guys, but I'm looking for manufacturer logo patches (Glock, IMI, HK etc). Anyone have a source for those? I looked at all the sites linked, but none of them had any OEM patches.
  11. Anyone have a good source for gun sew-on patches?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a source (other than eBay) for sew-on embroidered gun logo patches. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Ive gone and fallen in love with the ak family... some questions

    I'm a fan of my H&K SL-8 over any of my ARs or Aks. Shocker, I know.
  13. Nordic NC22 .22lr AR Review

    Great review. Where did you get the upper for 425.00? The site says 500.00, and I think I'd like to build one of these.
  14. LTC A/B, or FID with oui/dwi conviction

    This is a great thread, and I very much appreciate all the info being exchanged here. I do have one nagging question though; if an individual was arrested for DUI one time only, and was CWOF'ed with the standard penalties (Loss of license, drunk classes etc) and that was the end of that (i.e. no...
  15. Best daily 9mm carry firearm?? Any suggestions?

    You know what I think about this one.
  16. H&K Legal, scratch that, MA Compliant... As Of......

    It's threads like these that have prompted me to not post on NES much anymore.
  17. .50 AE Desert Eagle

    Okay. Here we go. I've copied and pasted this from an earlier thread that I posted in a couple of years back. Here's what I had to say about the Desert Eagle then: Desert Eagle: A freakishly large, drastically overpriced cartoon gun with the ergonomics of a tire iron and a grip like a...
  18. Well Thats Different...

    I have the predecessor to this (The Mateba Unica 6) which was designed by the same person, and it is utterly amazing in the build quality and accuracy dept. I'm all over one of these when the 6" barrel version comes out.
  19. H&K Coming to MA!!!

    Simply put; The people that try to rationalize the cost, utility, availability or overall "usefulness" of this pistol DO NOT OWN ONE. Look folks, here's the deal (in addition to all the sage and very intelligent comentary put forth by Dr. Grant); The Heckler and Koch P7 series of...
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