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  1. Bullet Casting & Coating MegaThread

    Yes it is , but I just lost interest in 300? Maybe its the lack of interest in the AR platform ? I have AR platform in 223 for “service rifle” type matches and a 22lr upper for steel out to 200 yards( max at my club) 3 moa is plenty when shooting at 6 moa plates, lil These days im...
  2. Bullet Casting & Coating MegaThread

    Velocity is seldom a issue for leading. Im going with pressure/heat being more of a issue against just velocity. I think powder burn rate can play a role also. ? Twist rate can be a issue Bullet size is a very big contributor also. My short stint with 300 with cast iirc had 1/8...
  3. .458 socom barrel throat issue

    Yes , short , lead , throat
  4. What is you favorite 1.5” EDC belt?

    Andy’s leather belt
  5. .458 socom barrel throat issue

    I ran into issues with cast in the K31
  6. .458 socom barrel throat issue

    I was looking here at some ammo choices. Looks like all the bullet profiles taper right to the case mouth? Sometimes some bullet profiles just dont work well.
  7. .458 socom barrel throat issue

    Looks more like the chamber/bore/lead/throat is out of round to what ever reamer/cutter he used. Do you still get land contact? Im a little ignorant to 458 socom Does it even have saami specs? Might have to just use a throat reamer ? Wont help much of the Bore is not concentric with...
  8. .32 ACP in an old S&W revolver?

    32 sw 85 gn lead bullet definitely will “bounce” off and come back at you. Maybe not off a rotted tree but it can/will have the potential. PPU 85gn out of my 1890s SW lemon squeezer just hit 500 ftps
  9. .32 ACP in an old S&W revolver?

    Last I bought the 32sw, 32sw long was definitely cheaper than the “short” Quick look on the webs Seems to still be true 32 short closer to $1/rd 32 long .75/rd JeezUs—— I consider 32 sw loading darn near free with such low powder charges and casting own bullet. .08-.10 cents for a primer...
  10. Buckshot & Slug Shotshell Reloading Thread

    Have not been to Al myself in many years. Used to get large orders for trap feom them We would go up and pick up the 6 jug cases of powder , cases if wads 5000 to a case and lead shot….to put in perspective We stopped making that trip when lead shot hit $28 a bag from him. Been a good...
  11. .32 ACP in an old S&W revolver?

    Lee 1st addition had 32sw load data 85 gn bullet and 3 powder choices
  12. .32 ACP in an old S&W revolver?

    I think some will shoot 32 acp in a old 32 pistol because even 20 years ago 32 Short and 32 Long was a pita to find and not cheap. I think I paid $32/50 back in 2004 ish. 32 sw short or long brass comes around every few years. Star Line has it in stock currently. Im not putting...
  13. Roll pins used to secure an AR 15 front sight base

    I can just see them OMG thats not correct blah blah blah, lol You can go all Match Rifle with a set screw base
  14. Roll pins used to secure an AR 15 front sight base

    Did anyone at SIG see it? My thoughts If it ever comes loose Decide if buying the correct taper reamer and and the effort to do the work is worth it. If coming loose is a worry a set screw would do the trick
  15. Garand aquisitions and projects.

    The Minelli stocks tend to be very nice I have Menelli stock on one M1 and 1903a3 C stock fit was very nice. CMP new wood stock took a good amount of fitting
  16. Garand aquisitions and projects.
  17. .32 ACP in an old S&W revolver?

    32 SW brass is available, lead bullets for 32sw are available You can load smokeless powder to safe pressures. You an also shoot wax bullets with just a primer for fun.
  18. Buckshot & Slug Shotshell Reloading Thread

    B-T is .17” -.22” For the most part it all “loads” the same. I dont think BBB , FF or T will feed well in the charge bar on my MEC. The key is finding the right combo of wads to get a good crimp. You can get the wads for steel shot …..thats usually what you find...
  19. Ring height

    Why change?
  20. Ring height

    Something like these that fit your scope. ?
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