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  1. MUSKY !

    I use Northeast Taxidermy in Middletown, CT. Great to go in and talk to so you get exactly the mount you want.
  2. Dedicated Waterfowl Shotgun

    I’m running a Stoeger for waterfowl. Haven’t had any issues, pushing 10 years now. Inertia operating system like the Benelli, so recoil is a little more than a gas gun. 3” shells are fine unless you want to do some long range goose shooting.
  3. Waterfowl bird dog trainers

    Tell us about your pup. I just brought home an 11 month old chocolate Lab last weekend. My third Lab I will train myself, but first real hunter. I’m a believer in training yourself if you can. All that time together creates a tremendous bond, and you will know each other’s thoughts. Even with a...
  4. Surf Casting the cape in the fall

    LMFAO! In the old days maybe. But subtlety was never my way. I don’t fish the salt much anymore.
  5. Surf Casting the cape in the fall

    Starting to get late in the year, especially if you’re not getting out a lot and in tune with this year’s migration pattern. Probably better off heading to south county Rhode Island,
  6. Lighted nocks Mass

    Thank you Saved me from typing that
  7. MA: Turkey Season Safety Sticker Reminder PSA

    Adds to revenue enhancement when you don’t have it
  8. ALERT: Mashpee looking to prohibit hunting

    Just confirmed meeting is open to the public. Sign on door says masks are required in the building, though nobody in the Clerk’s office was masked up.
  9. ALERT: Mashpee looking to prohibit hunting

    I shared to Barnstable County League of Sportsmen’s Clubs. They sent an email to the membership last night (Sunday) to get the word out.
  10. I'm a sucker for a good fish

    Nice catch! They actually fight pretty well and can be aggressive feeders.
  11. Duck hunting excursion question

    I had jerky made from eider recently. Surprisingly tolerable
  12. Mallards being fed…

    A local police officer is NOT an epo. You’ll understand that better when you meet an epo in the field. Oh, and it’s not ALL of them, but enough. Just like good cops/bad cops.
  13. Mallards being fed…

    Yeah, what he said👆
  14. Muzzleloader Scope?

    I used to run red dots on my shotgun and muzzleloader. Aged eyes don’t work as well now. I use Burris MTAC 1-4X for 3-gun, but the illuminated reticle is too much brightness for the woods. I like the Vortex Crossfire 2, 1-4x for hunting. It has just an illuminated dot like a red dot, and non...
  15. Fisher cat problem

    This is NES. Ever been to a car shoot? A fisher in a trap at point blank range will require at least two full mag dumps. And then dropping in a lake as the coup-de-grace. Because even .22 is expensive now
  16. Email from Maine F&G

    One time and it follows you for life🙄 For the record... it was a doe and she was still warm
  17. New proposed regs on Pheasant and Quail

    Re:Sunday hunting. There are unexpected consequences to opening up Sunday hunting in MA. Migratory bird regs allow a maximum number of open hunting days. Opening up Sunday hunting will basically shut down any late season waterfowl hunting (excluding the late goose season)
  18. Windproof jacket recomendations

    Have the zipper replaced
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