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  1. so I might have just panic bought a trigger

    Have you read the federal bill yet? It's pretty vague. That said, I doubt it'll pass, but we can't rely on that.
  2. Harvey Weinstein will channel his sexual harrassment energy into taking down the NRA

    If you get away from Lamestream Media, you will see it already has. We did, not Trump, but Bill Clinton. She can't wash that one clean. I think they are going after the low hanging fruit first (makes sense) and then one or more of them is bound to roll over. Crooked Hillary is screwed.

    I wasn't a FUDD, but the '94 AWB got me off my butt and started me buying. Of course, I was an "empty nester" shortly after. I can tell you I bought my first rifle on Dec 15, 1968. I was 14. GCA '68 went into effect the next day.
  4. Michael Owen Nails the Gun Debate

    Banning hammers will not prevent bent nails any more than banning spoons will end obesity or banning flies will prevent garbage. It's never the tools fault, and something these self proclaimed anti-gun geniuses won't admit, is somebody breaking one crime (murder) usually won't obey lesser laws...
  5. Harvey Weinstein will channel his sexual harrassment energy into taking down the NRA

    Seems like a lot of things have gotten away from them, and are coming back to bite them HARD. The Russia collusion BS has run away and oops, outed Obama and ilk (and cheating Hillary too). Antifa is now outed as the Domestic Terrorists they are. Same with BAMN and BLM. The NFL boycott too...
  6. Harvey Weinstein will channel his sexual harrassment energy into taking down the NRA

    To neo-liberals, that's about the ultimate "crime", getting caught. With friends like that, who needs enemies? I'm certainly no great fan of Trump, but is certainly the far lesser of two evils. He turned out OK, though. Even though he's flawed, he has done (or at least attempted) what he...
  7. The NRA Has Always Chipped Away At the 2A

    30 years ago, VT was the ONLY state that didn't require a CCW permit. Now there's somewhere around 11 to 13 states (one is disputed/vague, one is resident only) that do not require CCW permits to carry. Sometimes I wish VT issued optional permits (though notquiring them), as getting non-resident...
  8. Any Forum Members Into Wildcatting

    22 Rem Jet and 256 Win Mag, though they'll both probably need to be shortened slightly. Parent case for both of these is either the 38 Special or 357 Magnum.
  9. Has anyone used wolf ammo in an ar15?

    More like the other way to. The AK came out originally before the bulk of steel cased ammo, I think you'll find. If so, then steel cased 7.62x39 was designed to run in the AK.
  10. Has anyone used wolf ammo in an ar15?

    I've had zero dirty chamber issues in my AK, with steel or brass cased ammo, including lacquered. I have had to clean AR chambers, using lacquered steel cased ammo, but that wasn't the gun's or the ammo's fault. I was seeing how much abuse it would take before needing cleaning. The answer is a...
  11. In the doghouse/ Christmas ruined/ AR build

    Identity politics and insulting people really didn't work out too well this time around. I, for one, hope they keep it up for a while before dropping it. Why is simple, because if they don't figure it out in the next month, they won't have time to fix things in time for the mid-term...
  12. In the doghouse/ Christmas ruined/ AR build

    Most of my family voted Trump, if they voted. I know a couple of them didn't. They also know by doing that, they lose the right to bitch about the outcome. Though we don't get together for Thanksgiving, we do for Christmas. We don't usually discuss politics, but it would be boring anyways. We're...
  13. Are You a "Super Gun Owner"

    Nah, it was more an attempt at humor, obviously a crappy attempt. The whole "super" stuff is hilarious. I do know it's said more elephants have been downed with a 303 British (likely in an SMLE) than any other caliber. FWIW, I didn't buy the stuff to hunt elephants with, I bought it because I...
  14. Has anyone used wolf ammo in an ar15?

    I do my own lathe work, and have for a while now. So, final tapering, fitting and chambering only cost me time and a little electricity (and I have a bunch of reamers). Top quality barrel blanks (bored, rifled and rough tapered) cost around $315 and up, to maybe $500. Most of the better ones...
  15. Has anyone used wolf ammo in an ar15?

    Which gun? One of my AR's I have fired steel cased ammo through. Same with the AK and SKS. The other AR's I haven't, but I certainly would. Now, those rifles aren't the ones that go 700 to 1600 rounds before needing a barrel change. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here's a...
  16. Has anyone used wolf ammo in an ar15?

    Bore wear expectations depend on your needs, usage and therefore the tolerance. I have rifles that will get between 700 and 1600 rounds usage before being considered "worn out". Obviously, these are high accuracy rifles, and I will say they aren't skinny barrels by anybody's standards. But...
  17. Panic Buying

    Don't laugh too hard. I own a 458 Win Mag and a 338 Lapua. Both were at the pumpkin shoot. I don't plink with them, though.
  18. I feel like I have been victimized because of my religion.

    Smith and Wesson, the original point and click interface.
  19. Panic Buying

    I buy unprimed myself. I assume you meant .357, as I can't see using a .375 (H&H, I assume) for plinking. Then again, I'm almost that bad, so maybe you do.
  20. Are You a "Super Gun Owner"

    And, a few countries don't allow that from what I hear. It's said more elephants have been killed with a .303, than any other caliber. But, it doesn't make it smart. I'll stick to using the .458 Win for that, if need be. On a side note, I love it when people ask what I need something like that...
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