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  1. Best Gunnshop location to consider in MA

    Hahahaha, now that's FUNNY!!!!! GOOD one...... I would suggest Fairhaven....VERY Gun friendly town. Used to have a shop there, now it's a daycare....Would LOVE to see one in my town!!
  2. Best Gun Shop in New Hampshire

    This place is AWESOME!! There is a range there and you can rent pretty much anything, full auto, suppressed, all kinds of guns! Guy who owns it is quite the character.
  3. WTS Gen 4 iPad, Keurig Vue Coffee makers, Samsung Galaxy S4 for AT&T

    For Sale, Samsung Galaxy S4, for AT&T. White has had a tempered glass screen protector on it since day one. Also has the Windowed case on it (red) so you can see who is calling and use the time when closed. Asking $250. Also have an iPad Retina Display (Gen4) 32 Gig WiFi perfect...
  4. Gun shops hiring part-time?

    Once they find out where you worked they might not want you Alex......LOL Good Luck
  5. MA Handgun Compliance Q+A Thread (new)

    dkingsland, you do NOT have to register it when you come in. I am sure LenS will be able to confirm this for you. You only need to do an eFA10 if you were to sell it to someone. Otherwise there is no requirement for people moving into MA to register any of their guns they bring in with them.
  6. Bodyguard 380 magazines

    Thanks everyone...but it's gone....he didn't mind about only 1 it's all good....but thanks for all the input!!
  7. Bodyguard 380 magazines

    I would definitely do that, but I am actually selling mine, and was hoping to get a second mag for the guy I am selling to this weekend. That's why I was looking for local or someone on here that might have one to sell. Hopefully somewhat local to me in the New Bedford area..
  8. Bodyguard 380 magazines

    Does anyone know of anywhere local that has any BG 380 mags available? Or does anyone here on NES have a mag they'd sell? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Filling out an E-FA-10 hours after a FTF sale

    Why not just do it ahead of time if you are worried about doing it after? That way you know everything is ok. Just get the buyer's info and do the eFA-10, print it out at home and then give him his copy when you do the transaction.
  10. Didn't expect to see this guy in Hyannis!!

    Took the wife to the Brazilian Grille in Hyannis. As we were leaving I couldn't believe my eyes...Rob Pincus was there....Very nice guy...stopped and talked to me. He was there with the guys from Cape Gun WOrks. They are doing a carbine class tomorrow. Pretty cool guys. Definitely have to make...
  11. WTS Like new , iPad Gen 4, 32Gb with accessories and Apple Care $500 OBRO

    Like the title states, I have a like new Gen 4 iPad, 32 Gigabyte, still has iOS 6 on it, never updated and it is also jailbroken. Can be reset to factory if you wish, or upgraded to iOS 7. Has Apple Care on it as well. Screen protector has been on since day one, and it will also come with a...
  12. Second Amendment Lecture - Fairhaven, MA

    These are both Very PRO Gun guys....I know Phil personally and he is a great guy. Looks like I know where I'll be next Wednesday.
  13. Gun show disarming Gunowners?

    So you ,and everyone who agrees with this practice, are basically giving anti-gunners more ammo against us.....when WE the gun owners turn on our own, and call them IDIOTS and don't feel safe around them, then how the HELL do you expect anti-gunners and those new to firearms feel??? THINK ABOUT...
  14. Best 45 ACP in MA for home defense

    S&W Governor. Best Home Defense Firearm in my opinion. .45 ACP, .410 and .45 LC....Very versatile and c'mon a shotgun in your hand!!!!
  15. Instructor Discounts Thread

    Really?? Nobody?
  16. Instructor Discounts Thread

    Does anyone know the new contact at S&W for the instructors discount list? I sent an email to the one that gave it to me last year but she is no longer there.
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