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  1. What is one of your favorite absolute horrible trashy junk foods? Must be seriously unhealthy to qualify

    The man is just funny. Like piss yourself laughing funny. I swear he could recite the alphabet and get an audience to be rolling on the floors.
  2. Franklin Lodge Turkey Shoot - Saturday, 11/18 - North Grafton (MA) Fish, Game & Bird Club

    Five days out from the shoot, the forecast looks a wee bit iffy. Don't let that stop you from taking a shot at winning a turkey! We'll be shooting rain or shine! Although the firing line is uncovered, there's a nice heated shoot house to warm up in between relays. It's got a very powerful wood...
  3. Franklin Lodge Turkey Shoot - Saturday, 11/18 - North Grafton (MA) Fish, Game & Bird Club

    Just to let you know - the turkeys will be between 10 & 16 lbs. Just heard back from the grocery store who we will be purchasing them from.
  4. WTS Olympic Arms PRE-BAN AR-15 - .223 Rem - 20" - $1999

    Olympic Arms PRE-BAN AR-15 - .223 Rem - 20" - $1999 This is an Olympic Arms Pre-ban AR-15 with an SGW-marked receiver. Serial number dates this AR to 1991. Fixed stock, carry handle. Handle has had a Picatinny rail attached for a scope. Lonely Mountain Arms is a federally licensed firearms...
  5. Uh Oh - this one’s going to hurt but I can’t pass it up.

    Sweet! Get it and bring it to the Franklin Lodge Turkey Shoot on the 18th in Grafton! If you claim it's your carry gun, I won't call you a liar. [smile][smile]
  6. Need someone who can laser etch on a lightsr like WeaponIconography did for the NES Zippo buy

    Almost 12 years ago, we did an NES Zippo lighter buy. We had Weapon Iconography of Westford laser etch the NES logo on them, along with our user names. (They added a Square & Compasses on mine, too). In fact, when I proposed to Luv2BFree, Weapon Iconography did the etching on her engagement ring...
  7. What have you seen lately?

    In the last week, in my yard I have seen a black bear, a beaver, a bunny (I thought the coyotes had wiped them all out!) and this weekend, a doe with her fawn crossing my driveway.
  8. BOHICA: Vermont Gun Owners

    She'd be the rarity if it didn't. Although there IS a UVM Pistol Team - I won a Glock (yes, Mr. I Hate Glocks himself!) at their last Steel Challenge match up at Lamoille Valley Fish & Game. "The nice thing about Burlington is that it's so close to Vermont!" - Nickel ALL. Because it's gun...
  9. Can my kids shoot BB Guns in the back yard?

    :rolleyes: Yeah... it's so easy and cheap to move if you have a spat with the neighbors.
  10. Can my kids shoot BB Guns in the back yard?

    Ten years ago this month. I just said that his name was invoked.
  11. Can my kids shoot BB Guns in the back yard?

    I just messaged Keith and asked him. I'm curious, too. I mean, I used to shoot my airgun in the backyard, but it was my ex-wife that was the one nagging at me not to do so. Nowadays, my wife shoots with me in OUR backyard. You can't tell from the pic, but that's an NES lower on that AR.
  12. Can my kids shoot BB Guns in the back yard?

    Hell, I shoot an AR-15 in my backyard. Oh... right. I moved out of Marxachusetts 10 years ago. Never mind. OK, now for seriousness. You might want to try and find a resource for your town or city's ordinances online. Do NOT call your local PD because odds are they won't know and will pull an...
  13. Looking for a good small revolver

    Shot TWO rounds out of Jay's Snubbie From Hell and handed it back to him in pain. I see zero use for those things. My 640, now, doesn't HURT the person who's shooting it.
  14. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Why are people digging up 16 year old posts?
  15. Gunpowder disposal?

    16 year necrothread. Wow.
  16. Looking for a good small revolver

    Except that they're wrong; I have a 2.125" 640 Pro which is a .357. .357 out of a Scandium gun is not fun. (Paging JayG, paging JayG...). Out of my 2" 640, I don't have any problem with it.
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