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  1. WTS BCM 16in BFH Upper With FDE RIS II

    Seeing if there are any takers on this upper. Used, Don't keep track of round counts, I would estimate 500 rounds. Very reliable and I have gotten 1 MOA with hand loads. Upper has a now very hard to find Daniel Defense RIS II in FDE. These have been discontinued for civilian sale and sell for a...
  2. WTB Sig 229 9MM

    Looking for a Sig 229 9MM only. If your looking to part with one in the central MA area for around 600 let me know.
  3. WTB WTB/WTT Looking for Black Colt Rail Gun

    Looking for a black Colt Rail gun. Contact me if interested. Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private...
  4. who turned out the lights?

    Anyone else in Douglas without power?
  5. Unfortunate News Headlines and Stories (Hopefully Mega Thread)

    Well this thread could either take off, get locked or be a big giant fail-boat, but here's my first submission: What else you got?
  6. Watching Senate Judiciary to Work on 'Assault Weapons Ban' on C-SPAN...

    I'm a little ashamed to say, I almost never follow the news or politics. I get my info from the Mr. But this is incredibly interesting to watch! I think someone already linked this, but in case you need it: Senate Judiciary to Work on 'Assault Weapons Ban' | C-SPAN
  7. Women and Guns: ABC News Report - More Women Are Giving Guns, Shooting Clubs a Shot

    Guns and Women: More Are Giving Guns, Shooting Clubs a Shot - ABC News
  8. 15 weapons taken from shop on 'American Guns' show

    15 weapons taken from shop on 'American Guns' show - Yahoo! News It's ok though, no assault weapons were taken. [hmmm] ETA: sorry if dupe
  9. These are cool but...

    Survival Straps So these are pretty cool, I like the 2A ones, but in their "About" section it says you can unravel the paracord from the bracelet and use it in a survival situation and if you do, they will send you a new one free. Just would like to pick you survivor folks brains on ways this...
  10. Holy Amazing Pint Sized Shooters Batman!

    Check out these AMAZING little girls. Katelyn Francis (13), and Gia Rocco (8): Gia Rocco: GIA ROCCO | Facebook (sorry couldn't find a vid on the Tube to embed) Katelyn Francis: Truly inspirational.
  11. Anyone else hearing that?

    Any fellow Douglas residents hear a series of loud explosion type bangs in the last 5 min? Any idea what it is? Is it go time? Shall I fetch AR and my tin foil hat? Sorry if dupe
  12. What Commercial Makes You Want to....

    tuck and roll out of a vehicle traveling at supersonic speed?? For me it's: Oh and I have so many more... Am I the only one so easily agitated by commercials?? ETA: And yes, I probably do watch too much TV
  13. What is You Favorite Thanksgiving Food???

    Care to share your faves or unique Thanksgiving recipes?? My favorite is my grandmother's recipe for sweet potatoe casserole with brown sugar and marshmallows on top... I could pretty much eat the entire 8x8 dish in one sitting.
  14. Santa Take Notice

    M.G.L. c. §3 states that: No person shall travel on a way with a sleigh or sled drawn by a horse, unless there are at least three bells attached to some part of the harness. Researching some law for work and came across this one. I wonder if there's a loophole if said sleigh is drawn by...
  15. Beretta Nano 9mm

    Does anyone have one they'd be willing to let me put a few rounds through? I'm in Central MA. Let me know, thanks!
  16. 20% Off for All GREEN NES Members - Together Bakery

    Stressed with the holidays coming up?? Let me do the baking for you! The goods I specialize in are: Red Velvet Cupcakes Vanilla Cupcakes (Mini Cupcakes also available) AMAZING Chocolate Chip Cookies (cookies are of the gloriously soft/chewy variety not crunchy) Crazy Brownies (Layers of: Choc...
  17. Avatar Showdown: Broccoli Iglesias v. Bostonian23

    Whose bouncing bosom takes the cake???
  18. NES Baby Boom?

    Seem to be many a new (non green) face on here. Also getting the feeling these newbs are on the younger side. Try and go easy on them, eh? I have found myself cringing at many posts these days, just waiting for the hell fire that is sure to come down upon these poor unsuspecting souls. [laugh]
  19. Microsoft Word/Excel Guru's - HELP!!!

    I just finished working on a tidious word doc which I had embedded an excel worksheet into. I do this all the time. I stopped working on the doc for a few minutes and then went back to it but hadn't saved my progress (stupidly). When I went back to the doc, I got some message that something had...
  20. What is this face??

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