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  1. WTS Zastava M92 AK Pistol - in NH

    Looking to sell my Zastava M92 AK pistol, in 7.62x39. Includes KAK Shockwave Blade stabilizer, Burris AK Red Dot, which is very securely mounted and holds zero, also includes 75 round drum mag and two surplus steel mags. I am located in Milford, NH. Selling face-to-face to NH resident only...
  2. WTS Palmetto KS47 - 7.62x39 AR that takes AK Mags. In NH.

    I am looking to sell my Palmetto State Armory KS47. This is an AR platform rifle, chambered in 7.62x39, which takes standard AK47 magazines. It has been fitted with Magpul furniture, and a flip up BUIS and a Primary Arms red dot. It is a very reliable shooter. Will sell the rifle with two AK...
  3. You Can't Fake Snake

  4. Bad News from a Gun Club near my Hometown My mom just sent me this. This is where I grew up, but I don't know any of the folks involved in the story.
  5. Toy Nagant Revolver

    This thing costs more than my real ones, but it does look cool.
  6. WTS Milsurps - Mosin M91/30, and Nagant Revolver

    Everything has sold. Thanks for looking
  7. GM Plant Seized by Venezuelan Govt

    Socialism at work
  8. American Assassin Movie

    Just found this trailer on Youtube. I was a big fan of Vince Flynn's (RIP) Mitch Rapp novels.
  9. WTS 5,000 Round Case of Federal .22LR - Sale Pending

    Sale Pending - Thanks for looking Selling an unopened 5,000 round case of Federal .22LR ammo. $350 (7 cents per round) FTF only in the Nashua/Manchester NH area Thanks for looking
  10. I think my State Rep needs a better holster That's got to be embarrassing as hell.
  11. WTS 5000 Round Case of Aguila .22LR

    I have an unopened, 5000 round case of Aguila Super Extra .22LR, 40 grain, copper plated. Inside the big box are 100 boxes of 50 rounds each, that look like this (I assume, because I never opened it): $350 cash, FTF in Southern NH. Thanks for looking
  12. How Much Should I Contribute to my IRA?

    That's my Individual Reparations Account... I'm thinking 0%, but if my employer matches, then maybe I'll go as high as 0%.
  13. Victory Motorcycles Won't be Down for Breakfast

  14. Palmetto KS47

    Per my usual SOP of ordering something and then asking advice about it, I offer the following: Yesterday I saw a Palmetto Daily Deal for a blem lower for their KS47 (AR that takes AK Mags) for $129, and another deal for a full carbine build kit for $299. Both items included shipping, so full...
  15. Containment - Netflix Series

    I stumbled on this yesterday. Series about an influenza/superbug outbreak in Atlanta. I'm 4-5 episodes in and enjoying it so far. No zombies or anything like that, just a nasty outbreak they are trying to contain. I've gotten to the point where the citizens are starting to eat pigeons.
  16. Ruger LCP II

    I didn't see any threads on this yet, although there is one for sale in the classifieds... Ruger has redesigned the LCP, and it looks like they have done a good job. The two major complaints with the old one were that the slide didn't lock back on an empty mag, and that the trigger is awful. I...
  17. I've Always Wanted an AK Pistol

    There's a thread on what to buy when you first move to NH, and many people had AK Pistol on their lists. I have wanted one of these for a long time, and I finally got it today. I like the looks of them with the red wood, so the first thing I did was refinish the raw wood forend bits. I do...
  18. Aimpoint Carbine Optic?

    Anybody use one of these? I have a PRO that I really like, and I never saw the appeal of the down-featured ACO since there wasn't much of a price break vs. the PRO. Until I saw this deal today at PSA...
  19. Ruger SR9 32 Round Mag

    Now that I am New Hampshire-ite, and I have realized that the market value of my Ruger SR-9 is not worth selling, I am just upping my mag capacity. I have already gotten some un-neutered 17 round mags, and I have come across this gem: Have any of you freedom lovers tried this? The mags...
  20. Anyone want to adopt some goats?

    Apology in advance for linking a Boston Gob article. I wish I had the space.
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