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  1. Karma Four free tickets to Matt Stell Thursday March 12

    I have four free tickets to Concert Tomorrow night at Blue Ocean Music Hall Salisbury Ma. Tickets include meet and great. Bought tickets to take my daughter our song while she was dealing with her illness last year “I prayed for you”. Since she just completed Chemo and her immunity is...
  2. Thank you to Gibbs

    I would like to publicly thanks Gibbs. Gibbs had two tickets for “A Christmas Celtic Sojourn” Saturday, Dec 14, 2019 - 3pm at the Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater, 219 Tremont Street, Boston. I reached out to buy the tickets to send my daughter and wife to see the show in celebration of...
  3. Prayers needed

    Guys my sixteen yr old daughter is having some serious medical problems please pray for Amanda recovery. Thanks I been dealing with this since my Monday, a number of test and ups and downs some test results won’t b back for two weeks. Today there was not much I could do I was there all...
  4. Take back our State

    Take Back Our State RALLY - STATEHOUSE - JEFF KUHNER (2019-07-13) This Saturday at 9:30 there will be a rally on Statehouse steps. One of the catalyst for this event was the seven members of the jar head motorcycle club , that was killed by someone who should have been deported. I know this...
  5. Media give latest school shooting good leaving alone

    Report: Father of Transgender STEM School Shooting Suspect Is Alleged Serial Felon and Illegal Alien. Does not fit liberal agenda. Trans STEM School Shooting Suspect's Father Alleged Felon
  6. Republicans playing offense for 2020

    It’s been a great few weeks for Republicans it’s nice to be on offense. 1) Mueller Report nothing to see here, 2) AG is turn tables and investigating O’Bama DOJ ( where there is real smoke there’s fire) 3) Green new Deal exposes Dem extreme views. 4) The three freshmen Dems have pushed...
  7. Looks Like Karen Handel Georgia 6 and South Carolina Republican Ralph Norman will win

    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) _ South Carolina Republican Ralph Norman wins special election to fill House seat vacated by Mick Mulvaney. Karen Handel is up by almost 4,000 votes right now. Waiting for mail-ins, which could be a game changer. The liberals are going to melt down,
  8. POLL: "Do you approve of the job President Trump has done so far?" 'Currently Thank you for voting! No 53.61% (15,631 votes) Yes 46.39% (13,527 votes) Total Votes: 29,158
  9. Great Family Movie

    Great Family movie to watch with Kids 1000 to 1
  10. Two way radio suggestions

    Two way radio suggestion. Need suggestion for radio for construction crews working downtown Boston must be able to work over multiple blocks not line of site. What are you suggestions , four crews
  11. Commander in Chief Forum

    So far has not been all soft balls to Hillary. First veteran ask good question should have been able to ask follow up question. "With your experience and position should 't your judgement have been able to tell something was or should have been marked classified. There has been a saying in...
  12. Buying and Selling sugestions

    If you are selling or buying something, be considerate of the other person time. Once you agree on the price also agree on a date and time to complete the transaction. The seller agreed and buyer agreed to buy at the price, the transaction should happen in a reasonable amount of time. If...
  13. John Lott on Am 1260 now

    John Lott on am 1260 now
  14. Never let a tragedy go to waste

    Dear Senator, As you are well aware thousands of law abiding, tax paying, citizens of Massachusetts are extremely upset at the Attorney Generals action and have been calling you and your colleagues. We are particularly concerned that the AG’s Enforcement Notice was issued unilaterally, laws are...
  15. Can a republican president and congress undue Healey, gun laws

    Can a president Trump , republican congress pass s law strengthen the 2nd amendment , original intent, and turn back the bad laws passed by Ma, Ct , Cal and others.
  16. 1-30-2016 Big case goes to court .HOLLIS v. Holder in Texas

    Cases are making their way thru the courts, one was denied and is on appeal...the other is making tremendous headway...Counsel has demanded discovery to see the registry...AFT has refused...stating categorically that they are ZERO approvals of MG since 86...Counsel just produced leaked copies of...
  17. 680 am. Allen Collieb 2nd amendment on radio now

    2nd amendment foundation on am 680 now.
  18. Potential Terror Threat in Somerville Schools

    Heard this on radio during the day. Did not hear anything else on radio, did internet search, found story and read Facebook comments. I don't know if this story is true or not but as a father if there was a threat in my town, I want to know the nature of the threat so I can make a decision...
  19. Operation Flags for Vets

    I will be attending Operation Flags for Vets with my two kids on November 7th at 10 AM. Great oppurtunity to show respect for veterns, and a teaching moment. More information at: Wanted to pass this along.
  20. Purchased Pelican 35 qt cooler,

    I purchased the Pelican 35 quart cooler at Walmart on clearance $125.00 Amazon price @221.00. Cooler has great reviews. (If anyone interested while at the store checked other Walmart Raynham, and Brockton, have...
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