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  1. Threat Dynamics

    Recently while visiting family in the Portland Oregon area my son-in-law took me to Threat Dynamics in Tualatin, OR for an awesome afternoon of shooting - shooting like I've never experienced before. Threat Dynamics provides what they call immersive small arms training. They use dynamic...
  2. 2012 Bullet Casting Workshop Sign-Up Thread (May 19)

    This year’s casting workshop will be held at the Shirley Rod and Gun Club on Saturday May 19. This thread will serve as the Sign-Up thread. Reply to this thread if you plan to attend. Due to equipment limitations we will limit the attendance to 30 people. Note: All attendees should bring 20...
  3. Interesting range brass pickup

    Recently while sorting some range brass I ran across the following: Sorry for the fuzzy macro photo. It is a 9mm case that looks like it was fired from a 40 S&W chamber. The 9mm case had expanded to about .426 and is split. I wonder if the person who shot it was even aware what he did...
  4. How many of you are still without power since Irene?

    We lost power about 11:45 AM on Sunday and the latest word is it will be a couple more days. I wonder who will go the longest without power. Sure glad we have an 8KW generator.
  5. I found a gold mine, er a lead mine today

    I have mined lead at my local range and have tried several methods of extracting the lead from the debris (dirt, sand, wood chips, shotgun shells, etc.) but recently I have been placing my targets at the lower part of the berm and then at the end of the session I would recover the lead that I...
  6. For Geeks and Nerds only. All Others Keep Out!

    This thread is for Geek and Nerd humor by geeks and nerds only. WARNING If you don't qualify as a geek or nerd this thread may be dangerous to your health. Example 0: Example 1: Example 2:
  7. Despotism or Democracy circa 1946
  8. Another reason to hate the .40

    After a visit to the range to shoot my .45-70 I tumbled my brass then sized and deprimed then flared for my lead bullets and then started filling with powder, inserting a new bullet then crimping. About half way through the batch I filled a case with my customary IMR4198 and as I placed the...
  9. The Extremists are Coming

    The Extremists are Coming
  10. Took some new people to the shop

    A couple of friends have shown interest in my reloading so I invited them over for a session. First we cast a batch of 400g flat nose bullets. One of them really liked filling the mold so he did most of the casting. Then we progressed to the sizer/lubricator and lubed a few of the bullets...
  11. I didn't realize it was this bad

    Far left schooling: At least most of the people responding to the Post artilce are sane.
  12. Cool bumper sticker

    Have you seen this bumper sticker? "Another Marine for peace... one terrorist at a time."
  13. Foam for gun case

    I am going to build a carry case for a rifle. Finding foam for the case is an issue. Internet searches reveal places I can get foam but I don't know how to tell if the foam is the right density (stiffness). A trip to Jo-Anne Fabrics was disappointing. They have foam but it is too soft and a...
  14. Red Cars are dangerous

    While on a road trip my seven year old granddaughter made the observation; "Why are all the cars that are pulled over red?" If this is an accurate observation, does it say something about people who choose red cars or does it say something about police profiling?
  15. How To Make a Baby

    For all you young guys:
  16. Poll: How do you carry your iPhone, Droid, or other large screen phone?

    I am thinking of getting an HTC Incredible but I have a history of being rough on cell phones. I currently am carrying the ruggedized Verizon phone on a belt clip and it is pretty beaten up. My greatest concern about a smartphone is how to carry it without destroying it. How do you carry...
  17. Customer Support makes a difference

    I have had some recent experiences with telephone customer support and it seems that customer support is either very bad or very good. There appears to be no middle ground. Here's my recent experience: Comcast For about a month now I have been trying to get a relatively simple, yet...
  18. 2009 hunting license still valid?

    My 2009 abstract shows the coyote season spanning from October 17, 2009 to March 8 2010. Does this mean my 2009 license is still valid for coyote until March 8?
  19. specialty hex wrench???

    I am trying to take apart an electric fence charger but my hex wrenches won't fit in the Allen screws on the charger because there is a tab sticking up in the middle of the hex hole in the screws. Do you know where I can find a wrench that will fit these screws? Do you know what these are...
  20. Congressional Reform Act of 2010

    Congressional Reform Act of 2010 1. Term Limits: 12 years only, one of the possible options below. A. Two Six year Senate terms B. Six Two year House terms C. One Six year Senate term and three Two Year House terms Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding...
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