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  1. Pet euthanasia at home

    It was time to make the decision to put down my 16 year old cat. She was diabetic for 15 of those years. She was a special girl and very loving. She helped teach my two girls about caring for a sick pet. I used Boston Home Pet Euthanasia It was stress free and she was in her favorite spot...
  2. IUE-CWA ready to walk

    I work for GE Aviation in Lynn and our contract is up at midnight tonight. Negotiations broke off on Thursday but there back at it, as far as I know. The place is a mess but still here and Lynn is the largest Union remaining. They prepared us and have already authorized a Strike. I’ve never...
  3. 1957 Chevy Bel Air

    My brother has a 57 Chevy for sale. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 | eBay Pm me if you have any questions He has it listed on eBay for 38,000.
  4. Another thoughts and prayers

    I asked Derek for permission so here it is. I’m asking for any help possible for my daughter. She was officially diagnosed Christmas Eve with Lymphoma and was told she is stage 4 on New Years Eve. I’m a pretty strong person but this has broken me. I would be eternally grateful If anyone could...
  5. Littleton Machine Shop Group Feeler

    I have space in one-eyed jacks building and was wondering if there was any interest in starting an 07 Machine Shop Group? I could block off my little space and have what you should see in the picture I’m posting. I’m not looking to make money on this but I would hope to charge something like...
  6. WTB WTB enclosed trailer 6x10, 6x12

    Looking for an enclosed trailer. 6x10 or 6x12 used in decent condition. PM me with anything you have or may have seen in your travels. Located in Groveland Mass but willing to travel if the deal is good. Tommy
  7. WTS Garmin Montana 600 Handhelp GPS

    Price: $300.00 Cash or Paypal Location: Groveland, MA or I can ship Description: Used once in the box but I can't locate the AC charger end. That is the only thing missing but charges fine with the USB cable. PM is best Garmin Montana 600 The Garmin Montana 600 handheld...
  8. FAA PowerPlant Cert?

  9. WTB .

  10. Let go after 26 years

    Oh well, I had a good run and the package is pretty good as well. What to do now?
  11. CMP 1911's

    Senate passed the new bill and it's off to Obama. I wonder what he'll do.
  12. WTS Golf Ball/Salute Cannon/Mortar

    Location : North Shore Description : 2 inch Dia. Golf Ball or Salute Cannon/Mortar Accessories : none Selling Terms : Cash or Trade for a Ruger 10/22 Price : 150.00 Firm Contact Information: PM is best Pictures: Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and...
  13. Need a good welder

    My Jeep Grand Cherokee needs a new front left lower coil spring mount fabricated. It's at a shop now but they haven't touched it in 2 weeks. I still haven't received an estimate. I'm in Groveland but the Jeep is parked in Woburn now. Anyone know of someone that can make and weld some basic...
  14. Job interview

    I have decided to move on after 26 years with my current employer. I'm no longer happy and have no interest in staying while we circle the drain. After a year of submitting resumes all around the country I finally got noticed. Two years ago I purchased land in South Central Ohio which...
  15. Groveland rated #1 Rated #1 in the state and they issue Green Cards.
  16. Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    If anyone knows of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator please let me know. I have one of the large units for nighttime but I'm looking one that I could use camping or for when there is a power outage so low wattage is a must. Used is fine as well. Pm me with anything. Thanks, Tommy
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  18. Mrs Wolowitz wont be down for breakfast

    Can't add the link as I'm on my phone in a meeting.
  19. M44 Sale was Group Buy Only

    Go GREEN and check out the Group Buy for Mosin Nagant M44's.GREEN Members only.
  20. M44 Group Buy

    Check out the Members Group Buy page for the newest group buy. Mosin Nagant M44's for $220.00 each! Get one before there gone. Pickup will be at my shop in Littleton, MA starting next week.
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