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  1. Happy Birthday Danrk6 and Brent

    Have a great day [cheers] [party]
  2. Devel Patrick in the Herald again today against lawful machine gun ownership in Mass

    Hopefully not a dupe...
  3. Happy Birthday K-Dub

    [cheers] to many more happy birthdays! [banana] [party]
  4. Happy Birthday Timber and 06LemansC6

    [cheers][party] Happy Birthday guys!!! whoo!!
  5. Happy birthday Zappa, gjones77, bambame, and jporter67

    [cheers] to many more healthy happy birthdays!!! woohoo! Have a good day my friend! Big birthday for a number of NES'ers! [party]
  6. ham radio

    Watched a clip from 9-11...amoung many thoughts I had: how to communicate with each other? During 9-11 cell towers were overwhelmed and regular phones were ineffective (at least in my area) How many of us have thought about learning about Ham radios? Or, how many of us know what we are...
  7. Happy Hanukkah!

    I haven't seen this posted yet. So let me be the first politically incorrect person and sincerely wish all our Jewish friends a very happy Hanukkah! [cheers]
  8. Increase in gun thefts on the cape Saw this in the Cape Cod Times today and thought those in the area might be interested[thinking]
  9. Happy Birthday Blitz1 and Gonzo

    [cheers] and wishing you both have many more happy healthy birthdays![party]
  10. .223 WSSM

    Anyone here shoot the .223 WSSM? (Winchester Super Short Mag)
  11. Who did Janet Napolitano have on Terrorist watch?

    Saw this cartoon and thought it was very appropriate.
  12. Pumpkin killers

    Just did up a batch of one hundred .243 Win. for my wife for killing zombie pumpkins this weekend. 75g hollow points that should chrono around 3100 f/s. Should work pretty well on those evil things. I have to say, I love the Giraud Trimmer even more now. Took about 5 minutes to change from...
  13. Happy Birthday 2/1Marine

    [cheers] have a great day!
  14. Logs

    Just throwing this out to the group to see if anyone knows where I can buy a load of logs for firewood. We have several places in the area that sell split wood but thought it might be cheaper to get the logs. Have a splitter and a good saw and don't mind the work. Thanks in advance.
  15. Happy Birthday Swatmedic!

    [cheers]and to many more[smile]
  16. Giraurd Trimmer

    Just got the UPS Tracking number for my Giraurd Trimmer!!! Will post a review as soon as I get it and take it out for a test spin. [smile] Tim
  17. Happy Birthday NWanner!

    [cheers]and to many more!
  18. Happy Birthday Trophy girl, Jay G and EDD

    [cheers][party][party]Hope you have a great day!
  19. book karma

    [wave] Hi, a bit of cross posting. I put three books up for karma that have a survivalist theme... Take a look and see if they interest you.
  20. Small rifle primers???

    Anybody seeing these on the shelf anywhere? Have hit the 3 local gun shops near me and hit Cabella's last week when I was in CT. Came up with a big 0. Am down to my last 200 and already starting to DT. Pretty soon I will be curled up in the fetal position right below my Dillon.[crying]
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