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  1. The last round.

    Or you'll be the only armed zombie.
  2. Google maps no longer offers real estate listings

    I was annoyed at Google for doing this, too. It was amazingly useful to use the map feature to look for property.
  3. I absolutely hate where I live and I don’t know what to do about it...

    I'd probably think about renting out the house and then finding somewhere else to live- renting a smaller house, or maybe a nice apartment or condo. You can sell the rental as "child-friendly neighborhood", since all of those kids live next door.
  4. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  5. S&W M&P 9mm mag. Hard to load 10 issue ??

    It's a pain in the ass at first. I don't know if my thumb got stronger or the springs got looser, but I had trouble the first few times. Now it's no problem.
  6. I need some assistance teaching upstairs neighbors to be respectful

    One of my other apartment neighbor's wife finally left him, and he played "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" on repeat for three straight days. We would have asked him to turn it down, but I felt so bad for the guy. And it was way better than hearing their arguments through the walls. OP...
  7. I need some assistance teaching upstairs neighbors to be respectful

    Have you tried talking to them? Back when we lived in an apartment, I had a job that involved waking up at 4am, and I'd get up and have breakfast. It turns out that the way I was shutting my cabinet doors banged in such a way that it drove our downstairs neighbor insane- which I found out when...
  8. Dumbest thing you have seen at a range

    Dude. No.
  9. Nosey Sheep and Their Imaginary Laws

    A liquor store on the Cape did that to me. I made my underage sister sit in the car, and went in to buy some booze. They told me they knew I drove in with someone else, and she needed to come in and be carded. I smiled sweetly and said "screw that", and we drove to another store down the street.
  10. Parents - Need some advice re: my 2 yr old son

    Have you gotten his ears checked out by the doctor? It could be an ear infection, or sinus pressure messing with his ears. He's definitely trying to tell you that something is wrong, now you have the fun job of figuring out what.
  11. Parole Board Resignations

    This make sense to me. If the state is going to start charging people for "involuntary manslaughter" in this manner, then the parole board is just as guilty as the state is making Fleury out to be. It swings both ways... oh wait, no, it doesn't. I just wish it did.
  12. Almost killed someone tonight!

    The only accident I've been in (that caused damage to the car, not when some idiot rear-ends me in traffic) was when I was driving on 84, and there's a car stopped in the middle lane, and two guys walking around the car, in the right and left lanes. It was lightly snowing, and I saw people in...
  13. So why is MA full of liberals?

    I've wondered this myself. Sometimes I think it's because we're the cultural descendants of the people who never left- people who didn't go West for a better life, people who hit Massachusetts and just stopped moving. Timewise, the state is more removed from the fight for survival- it's been a...
  14. Gift idea for G/F?

    If this is your first Christmas together, get her something not-so-great. It sets gift expectations low for the rest of the relationship! Just kidding... sort of. I like the camera suggestion. For your price range, you could get her a nice point and click (I like the Panasonic Lumix). Only if...
  15. So I pulled the trigger last night...

    Congrats! Good luck with the "fun" that is planning a wedding!
  16. Anti-gun Senator shoots intruder

    The incident in November was just some vandalism. The shooting happened over a year ago.
  17. Anti-gun Senator shoots intruder

    The original article is from August of 2009. I can't stand crappy blog "reporting" where people don't even bother to double check things. The story gets weirder, too: The person he shot claims the...
  18. What do you think is the worst Christmas song ever?

    Every time I hear this song, I want to stab someone.
  19. CT - Son Stabs Parents, Father Shoots, Kills Son

    I'm so confused as to how someone who took hostages and had a standoff with a SWAT team wasn't locked up... Do you just get a slap on the wrist for that?
  20. BAthroom Project complete. . .

    Wow. Just... wow. Do the floor tiles get slippery?
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