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  1. WTS WTS Glock 29sf

  2. how to dispose of a live mine...demonstrated using a live effin' mine
  3. Youth Archery in the Metrowest?

    I figured if anyone knew it would be some of you. I have a friend who's kid is 9 (headed into the 5th grade), he is really loving archery. The lessons he was taking in Natick ended last night. His parents would love to have him continue with archery because he is a completely different kid...
  4. Carry the Fallen, Soldier suicide awareness!BJsXu Carry the Fallen will be walking the Boston Marathon route this Saturday starting at 5:30AM Come out and show your support. I will be shadowing in my car since I recently busted my...
  5. Please delete

    canceling this
  6. WTS WTS-511 rush 12

    For sale is a black Rush 12 bag from 5.11 ( looks a lot like that, but has been used and mildly abused. has a small tear near the zipper that has been repaired. This use to by my everyday pack and worked great, but I have moved on to different...
  7. from Nirvana to the Special Forces just finished reading this, pretty interesting.
  8. 25lbs monkey fist *Update, pic in post 60*

    long shot...but is it possible to make a monkey fist that is 25lbs and able to be carried for an extended period of time? thanks
  9. Bunker Hill Firearms Demo

    On my break from work doing my weekly climb of the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown with my ruck sack in tow, and to my surprise there was a musket demonstration going on. got back down from climbing and they were still at it. Sounded like the guy in the jump suit was teaching the gent...
  10. Goruck Challenge

    Hey signed up for the Goruck challenge in Newport, RI for July 5th with a couple buddies of mine. Dunno if anyone here is interested in lugging 6 bricks for 10+ hours, but I figure I'd toss it out there, it'd be nice to have some NES folk do the...
  11. CLOSED: Karma to win a green membership! Green members will win something too!

    Hey, My green membership expired and I just renewed it, being a register user kinda blows. On May 1st I will pull 2 winners one registered user and one current green member. The registered user will get a green membership on me, the current green member will get one box of ammo from my cache...
  12. please delete, dog found

    dog has been found, thanks. please delete
  13. Help fight Cancer and donate! (please)

    Hello NES!! My wonderful wife, Danielle (DanboSMASH), is embarking on an adventure, and she would love all the help she can get. After losing her father to cancer in 1999, she has done many events to help raise money for cancer research. This year she has challenged herself to do something...
  14. 7 rounds enough?

    If you know anyone that thinks that show them this video Hood Mothers In ATL Get Tased By Security Guard For Acting up In Front Of Children - YouTube And then this one ATL Woman Sends Gangsters To Beat Security Guard - YouTube
  15. Utah pushes for Constitutional carry

    Proposal: No permit needed to carry concealed weapon in Utah |
  16. over 30 guns found in wall in the UK

    Builder discovers deadly haul of more than 30 shotguns and pistols which were hidden behind false wall days after Dunblane massacre | Mail Online
  17. war stories and free beer

    Hey all, Just signed up to go to this goruck event "War Stories and Free Beer" My buddy went to one out in California and said it was a humbling experience. Figure I'd pass along the info. *disclaimer* I am in no way...
  18. American Legion members, I have a quick question

    Hi There, If you could please PM me, my wife's grandfather passed away today and he was a member in good standing. Just need some information. Thanks
  19. Freeport/West Bath Maine suggestions

    Headed up this weekend for some rest and relaxation. anyone have suggestions of what to do, or where to eat?
  20. hobbies on a resume

    so my wifes company is hiring to replace her. Don't worry she's getting a promotion, so her old position is being filled. she has been tasked to look through the incoming resumes to find the best candidate. she just told me that one person listed shooting as a hobby. my 2 part question is...
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