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  1. Carrying concealed: question for ladies

    Thanks everybody. I have no problem concealing my Glock 27 when wearing jeans and a hoody, but for the summer I prefer more "girly" clothes. So I'm looking for the ideas of how to carry when I have a dress on. Thanks for sharing the links and opinions. Carrying it in a purse probably won't work...
  2. Carrying concealed: question for ladies

    Hi everybody, I have a question for ladies who frequently carry concealed weapons. What carrying equipment do you use, so it would keep your gun well concealed, ready to use, and allow you to wear typical women clothes? Yes, I know there are places you can buy carrying equipment for women, but...
  3. Rhode Islanders: open gun discussion in Providence

    The discussion is open to the public, so, we can go there and speak up. Please be polite, respectful, and stay on the subject. Prepare your testimony at home. Don't be wordy, rather provide a few main points. Hopefully I will be there.
  4. RI State House Judiciary hearing live stream

    Several people are considering an idea of finding straight out lies as well as manipulating the facts in the testimonies of the anties, explaining them, and spreading them around. The idea was thrown on the Oath Keepers FB page, as well as in RI gun blog. Everybody is welcome to participate. We...
  5. RI State House Judiciary hearing live stream

    A lot of bill supporters were actually gun owners who see nothing wrong with "assault weapon" ban. And from the ridiculously small crowd size at the rally, it is obvious that most people don't do anything. Nobody is going to pay attention. Nobody. And of the legislature passes, what's next...
  6. RI State House Judiciary hearing live stream

    This year may be normal, but those bills are not normal. They are a part of a hard-pushed agenda which passed in neighboring states with no problems and no resistance from the gun owners. In fact, anti-gunners are by far more active than us, they push much harder, and are more visible. The fight...
  7. Hard to watch, but revenge/karma is a dish best served cold

    Only as fresh meat.
  8. Rhode Island Senate gun bills - status after the hearing

    I was at the hearing, was going to testify but had to leave at 10 pm. Rep. Finn was hysterical with her "itsforthechildren" thing and statistics of unknown origin. Senator Metts, when heared from some witnesses that they are ready to defend their rights, got angry and yelled that he is the only...
  9. 3 Y/O S.C. Boy Killed After Mistaking Pink Handgun For Toy

    I am so sorry for the family, no parent deserves that! But I think the best we can do to prevent tragedies like this one from happening is to teach kids not to touch any guns, toy-looking or not.
  10. Guess who's coming to dinner? An Anti!

    When my anti-gun (VERY anti-gun) relative had to stay overnight in my house, I only had one room availiable: the room where I store my guns and ammo [laugh]
  11. Top 10 reasons Guns are better than Women.

    Phhhh. How about 10 reasons why guns are better than guys? 1. You can use only one type of ammo to feed your gun. 2. A broken gun does not whine and beg you to stay with him day and night. 3. You don't have to ask your gun if he will do all he can to protect you. You know he will. 4. An...
  12. Obama Gets His Gun

    Barry has a gun...
  13. Interesting info on anti depressants

    The question is: what was the original problem in those killers? Was it an actual psychosis (which, BTW, is treated with anti-psychotics, not anti-depressants)? Was it an actual clinical depression? Was it a bipolar disorder? Or was it a standard popular complaint of feeling blue and being over...
  14. Interesting info on anti depressants

    There is a theoretical base AND a real evidence of increased aggression in laboratory rodents who were treated with substances increasing brain serotonin levels. There is a theoretical base of increased aggression in humans taking drugs increasinng brain serotonin levels. Is there a real...
  15. NRA: Best Move Ever

    They will pick another name, that's it.
  16. lego gun gets 5 yr old in trouble

    A new idea: toy gun rally. A peaceful gathering of parents and kids all carrying toy guns.
  17. List of Weapons in Feinstein Proposed Ban

    Come and get them.
  18. The 2/8/2013 Rally At the State House Thread

    I am going to the rally in Providence.
  19. Principal Sees Racism in Peanut Butter

    If you read the whole article, you see that this crazy radical does even more disgusting thing than attacking American food. She set a drum band for black and Latino male students only, for example, claiming that such bands for whites only do exist. However their existence within a public school...
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    Big Red Frog is watching you!
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