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  1. Harvard IDPA 19 July 09 7 Stages

    Sunday, July 19th at HSC. Registration starts at 9:15. Safety Briefing at 9:45. First shots at 10:00. Match cost is $20. Seven stages (including one low-light stage) including a complete Classifier. Minimum round count is 160. The Harvard Kitchen Committee will have lunch available...
  2. Worcester IDPA 11 July 09

    11 July 2009 IDPA Pistol Shoot at the Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club Web Site: Directions: Registration: 9:30 Shooters Meeting: about 10:00 First Shot: Immediately following Shooter’s meeting Respectfully, jkelly
  3. New Bedford IDPA 12 July 2009

    12 July 2009 IDPA Pistol Shoot at the New Bedford Rod and Gun Club Web Site: Directions: Registration: 9:00 Shooters Meeting: about 9:20 First Shot: 9:30am Respectfully, jkelly
  4. Indepedent Action Pistol Shoot

    27 June 2009 USPSA Style Action Pistol Shoot at the Independent club Web Site: Directions: Most shooters shoot two guns, 10.00 each 7:30am - Set Up 8:30am - Sign Up 8:50am -...
  5. IDPA at Harvard 20 Jun 09

    A MetroWest Tactical IDPA event Registration: 9:15 a.m. Mandatory Safety Briefing: 9:45 a.m. First shot at 10:00 a.m.
  6. Happiness is...

    Happiness Is… Happiness is having a four year old stash of more than 7,000 40 S&W bullet heads (in 250 count boxes) when their price has more than doubled and their availability has dried up. Happiness is, after shooting 3,500 of said bullet heads this year, realizing that the boxes...
  7. Action Pistol 4/2509 at the Independent Club Foxboro

    Three stages of USPSA "LIKE" shooting for a total of about 100 rounds, bring 150 rounds per gun. 7:30am - Set Up 8:30am - Sign Up 8:50am - Shooters Meeting 9:00am - Shoot Begins. Respectfully, jkelly
  8. Bass River Steel Plate Match-Sunday the 15th

    There is a steel plate match scheduled at Bass River Sunday the 15th. Start time is 10:00, I think. Respectfully, jkelly
  9. Maine State IDPA Championship 11 October 2008

    Registration Form: Map:,-70.383654&spn=0.011107,0.018303&z=16 Respectfully, jkelly
  10. The Gun Owners’ Action League-GOAL Cup Match 27 July 2008

    The Gun Owners’ Action League GOAL Cup match, will be held by Metrowest Tactical at the Harvard Sportsmen’s club, in Harvard MA, on 27 July 2008. The cost is $85.00 and there will be 8 stages. Metrowest Tactical link: GOAL Cup information link...
  11. CT State IDPA Championship 27 and 28 September 2008

    The Connecticut State IDPA Championship, Will be held Saturday September 27 & Sunday September 28, 2008 at the Hartford Gun Club in East Granby, CT. The cost is $95.00 and there will be 14 stages which will be shot in a half day format. Registration link at top left of page...
  12. USPSA matches for the week of 26-27 Apr

    26 Apr Independent Sportsmens (Foxboro), a USPSA like match 27 Apr New Bedford (North Dartmouth) Respectfully, jkelly
  13. FYI:There is a Fly Fishing "Expo" in Taunton

    There is a Fly Fishing "Expo" in Taunton Mass this afternoon (10 Feb 2008). Respectfully, jkelly
  14. Why Such Divergent Opinions ON Gun Shops?

    Some of my first posts on this forum were in defense of a store/employee that I knew, when he was attacked by an NES poster about a business interaction they had. Since that time I’ve read many of the posts in the “Gun Shops and Reviews” section of this forum and am often entertained by the...
  15. Standish Sportman's Show 2-3 Feb

    The Standish Sportsman's Association show is this week end. It’s a nice little show that is usually well attended. PDF: Map...
  16. Too bad we don't have any Philly fans to pick on

    I was just thinking that it has been so much fun picking on Bdutton this last week, the Yankee fans this last month and who ever was the Chargers fan last year. To bad we don’t have a proud Philly fan to play with tonight. Respectfully jkelly
  17. Why does LSU-51%, Cal-52% and Ohio State-53% lag so far behind Boston College 93%

    I just read Dan Wetzel’s “Wise Guys” on Yahoo Sports.;_ylt=AmttFPzYPKlLxNIv.EHXE6AcvrYF?slug=dw-bostoncollege101007&prov=yhoo&type=lgns And it made me wonder: Why does Boston College, ranked fourth in the national rankings, have a graduation rate of 93%...
  18. Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”, Not True?

    Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”, Inconveniently Not True From page 14 of the 11 Oct 07 Boston Herald Respectfully, jkelly
  19. Unexpected sentence in today’s Herald

    “THE BET BOX” by Chris Letourneau finished an article (page 80) about gambling on the Patriots with the line: Bump that up to 8 or 9 and set the over-under at 50, or you’ll spend another week throwing your Glock 9s at your plasma TVs. I just thought that a reference to “Glock 9s” in a Boston...
  20. War foe murders... As taken from the Boston Herald, an ASSOCIATED PRESS story. AMSTERDAM - An American anti-war zealot who wanted to punish the Netherlands for supporting the war in Iraq confessed to ax-murdering a 22-year-old...
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