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  1. Ice fishing: Where to get Live Bait?

    Any recommendations on where to get live bait/minnows in the Groton/Ayer, ma Area? Or Middlesex county? I use to get em at Blue Northern, but with them closing.... I have no clue where to find them. Google Has failed me. Any Help is Appreciated.
  2. Help with a question on selling a truck??

    This isn't a Gun Related question, but I've exerted all my Google Foo and have not been able to come up with the answer to this, So Im turning to the Greatest Wealth of Information I have. NES! So here is the situation. My brother is in need of a Vehicle. His truck is crapping out. I have a...
  3. Need help Identifying this gun!

    Hey Guys, A buddy of mine inherited this Revolver from his father when he passed, and he asked me what it was... And I have No bloody clue. I did some Google-Fu, and thought it was a British Bulldog No.2, but this gun is made by W.C. Scott and sons, and the Bulldog is made by Webley and...
  4. Problem with a old ortgies pistol

    I'm cleaning a ortgies 32 acp (7.65) I'm attempting to remove the barrel. It is suppose to turn counter clockwise, but the thing is, it won't budge. I have soaked all the barrel contact points with hoppes and oil, and let it sit. No dice. Anyone ever have this problem? Anyone have any ideas...
  5. A few Quick questions on NH gun laws

    Just two quick questions on NH gun laws, and they just might be stupid ones.... Is it legal to keep a loaded or unloaded pistol in a locked case, in a car for a extended period of time? what about carrying a loaded or unloaded pistol in a locked case, in a backpack? I ask because i will be...
  6. 24 states urge Supreme Court to take up assault rifle ban case

    Did a quick search and didnt find it,so i thought I would post it up. Some Highlights This case could have some Serious implications for Mass.
  7. ma legal m&p shield without safety

    has anyone seen the ma legal shields without the safety in LGS yet?
  8. change of address question

    im sending in my change of address notices today. i hold a LTC and a FID, so do i need to send a letter for each one? or could i just put both numbers on the form and send a copy of both of them?
  9. Green Again!

    After some time of just lurking, I have Gone Green Again!
  10. M&p Apex Duty AEK install Help..

    So.. after putting in some minor parts in my 10/22 i got the urge to install the AEK into my 9 myself........ so i got it all disassembled, put the spring and as im reacembling it, i come to find i have a part that i dont remember taking out of the gun, and have no clue what it goes too...
  11. Quick Question.

    When you go from having Just a FID card to Having a FID Card and a LTC-A, Does your Pin number change?
  12. This is what happens when you don't buy all the Permits..

    Normally my dad and I buy every permit there is to go with our Sportsmen Licence. Even though we Rarely, or dont hunt everything the permit lets us. Well, this year $$ was a bit tighter then normal, so we just got what we needed to hunt with.(Just Deer and Ducks) Well, tonight This thing tore...
  13. Question about the 10/22's safety

    Can I just flip the Safety over in the 10/22 to make it a Left Handed Safety? Or do I need an After Market Lefty Safety?

    I was just checking it, and noticed was mentioned there. [smile] For those of you who check that site, look in the "Odds 'n Sods"
  15. NorthEast ASMIC Show

    The ASMIC show is the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors. Its basically a Military Swap meet. The Table Holders have items, Ranging from Patches to Uniforms, Flags, to Items Issued to the troops during the wars, all for sale. There is usually 1 or 2 people who show up with Gun...
  16. Now that Silver is @ $20, watch out for People trying to take advantage of you.

    Im seeing a lot of it on The various forums and shows I visit.. People are trying to over charge other people for Silver coins. Hopefully this post might help some of you from getting ripped off. You don't need to look any farther then our own Yard sale forum to find it happening. Someone...
  17. NVM Please delete.

  18. More Question about the Remington 1100 Magnum.

    I know some of the Parts in the Magnum are interchangeable between the non Magnum of the same gauge, but I don't know what parts. So here are a few of the parts I'm wondering about. If any of you could let me know if I can use normal 1100 parts, or if I need to look for them in the Magnum...
  19. Question about the Remington 1100 Magnum

    How hard is it to replace the extractor on a Remington 1100 magnum? Is the Extractor different in any way from a Regular 1100?
  20. NAACP resolution condemns racism in tea party

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