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  1. Moving from MA to northcentral NY

    Just as the title says, I am moving from Cambridge, MA to Schenectady, NY. Can someone please tell me if I can bring all of my rifles/shotguns/pistols with me? My post ban assult rifles are neutered because I am in MA. I am hearing conflicting information regarding handgun ownership laws...
  2. Looking for a good striper fishing charter out of MA

    I am located in the Boston area and I my father and one brother is visiting this weekend. We would like to do a 1/2 day charter for stripers on Saturday. We are willing to drive, but would prefer going out anywhere from Boston up to the NH border. Any good charter companies that I should...
  3. Need help finding a deleted classifieds ad

    Hi Mods, I traded a person for his three mosins at the end of February. It was his post, not mine and it was in the F/S section not in the WTT section. He had semi-detailed info on all three firearms in the ad. I had this info in a saved pm, but I must have deleted the pm accidentally and...
  4. IWB Holster sale until 4/15

    I just wanted to let people know of a IWB holster sale going on until 4/15. The company is kholster, website is their name .com. I am in no way affiliated with them, but their superb customer service so far has been great and thus prompted me to tell others about them. Anyways, I bought a...
  5. Anyone trout fishing on Sunday?

    I am looking to do some trout fishing on the eastern half of MA on Sunday afternoon. I wondered if anyone else was looking to do the same. I am most interested in fishing moving water (i.e. stream or river) but there are none close to Boston that have been stocked recently (and I am new to this...
  6. Mosin cleaning/field kit

    I have 3 mosins that I recently acquired and I wondered if it was a good idea to get one of those cleaning/field kits? They include a bolt tool/firing pin gauge, bore brush, muzzle protector, etc. Or are they are waste of money?
  7. Trouble seasoning a humidor

    I bought a humidor and I have been trying to season it for the last 2 weeks. It is a 150 cigar humidor with 1 of those black round floral humidifers in it. I have it up to about 67% but I can't get it any higher. I have checked the calibration on the hygrometer 3 times and it is calibrated at...
  8. Gun safe dehumidifier size

    Can you damage your rifles or ammo if you place too big of a dehumidifier in your gun safe. For example, if you have a 150 cu ft safe but use a dehumidifier for a 200-600 cu ft safe?
  9. Cleaning a mosin question

    So I have done a fair amount of reading here and on other sites about cleaning the cosmoline off of rifles. As mentioned in another thread, I traded for several mosins. I was attempting to clean up the dirtiest of these last night, but after 2hrs of cleaning the bore it doesn't look like I have...
  10. Mosin bolt removal?

    Just traded for my first mosin (well three of them actually). I wanted to give them a thorough cleaning. Can you easily remove the bolt from the rifles? If so, then how? Thanks
  11. Shipping a stripped lower to another state

    I did a search on this but came up empty. I want to send a stripped lower to my brother in Texas. I know that I need to ship it to a FFL in his state. My question is in the shipping method. Since this is a stripped lower, do I ship it the same way as a long gun (as opposed to a pistol), via ups...
  12. Free Quiznos sub if you do a survey...

    Got this link for a free small quiznos sub (coupon expires 5 days after printing) if you complete a survey via email at a later date. Quiznos is doing this for 1 million people or something. Just thought that I would pass it along if there is a quiznos close to you...
  13. 4 sales per year limitation question

    Is that 4 sales per year to other MA residents (and you can sell as many as you want to out-of-state residents via shipping to a FFL on their end) or is it 4 sales per year period.
  14. 8mm = 8x57mm?

    A friend wants me to get him some ammo for his 8mm Mauser. Sportsmans guide has this Is this for his Mauser, it doesn't say 8mm Mauser and I just want to make sure that it is the same stuff. Thanks.
  15. Any "New England hunting" website members here?

    Is anyone a registered user here? The website is newenglandhunting dot com. I have tried about 3 times over the last few months to become a registered user since you cannot view any threads without being one. However my account has never been activated? Anyone here visit that site?
  16. Collapsible stock question

    I know that I cannot have any postban high cap mags in MA, but what about a collapsible stock for an AR. I am not talking about one mounted, I know the evil rules for postban AR's. I mean can I have an unmounted collapsible stock for my AR just sitting in a drawer or closet?
  17. Need a fishing buddy

    Recently moved to Cambridge from the middle of PA. I went from endless hunting/fishing resources out of my back door to next to nothing here in the city. I am an avid trout fisherman (both spinning and fly fishing) and I typically went out 1-2 times per week during the spring/summer/fall...
  18. MA local income tax?

    Just moved to MA and I had a tax question. PA has a local income tax, the rate of which was set by each town. For example, of you lived in Scranton you paid x% tax to the city of scranton evey April 15th. Does MA have a local income tax, or is it just federal and state taxes? Thanks
  19. High capacity definition for fa-10?

    I bought an S&W M&P9 when living in PA. When I knew that I was moving to MA, I sold the 17rd mags and bought 10rd ones. I am filling out the FA-10 since I will be moving them here this weekend. Is the pistol still considered high capacity even though you cannot have high cap mags for it?
  20. Knife shipping restrictions in Cambridge?

    If I were to purchase a knife off of ebay, are there local/state laws against shipping knives to Cambridge or to Mass in general?
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