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  1. Refurbished Some Mags

    I wanted a couple of mags to match the color of the black rifle. I scrubbed them inside and out in a solution of Simple Green. After drying I prepped them for paint by wiping down with denatured alcohol. I hung them and sprayed with a few coats of Rustoleum High Heat BBQ paint. After drying I...
  2. Best Glock 17 10rd Magazines

    Looking to buy some Glock 17 10 round magazines to complete a polymer 80 project. What's better the OEM Glock magazines or the ETS magazines. They're priced about the same. The Glock is black and OEM but the ETS is translucent which is cool looking, because you can see the rounds. Any thoughts...
  3. Sample Letter To Will Firearms To Children

    I've looked on the internet and searched on NES with no luck. I'm looking for a sample letter to add to my estate plan, willing my firearms to my children. My wife and I had estate plans drawn up by a law firm. I asked the lawyer about firearms and he said "Oh for collections, you just write a...
  4. Dick Dyer Woburn Sportsman's Assoc. Icon. Passed Away At 85

    Dick Dyer a long time member of Woburn Sportsman's Association has passed away at the age of 85. He was a US Marine veteran of the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He earned the rank of Master Sergeant. He was heavily involved in coaching the rifle and pistol disciplines. He competed in the...
  5. Water Heater With a Sidewall Power Venter

    Can I use a sealed burner water heater with my existing sidewall power venter. My current water heater isn't a sealed burner but it's vented to the sidewall power venter with my furnace.

    No longer for sale
  7. How Long Will Canned Goods Last?

    I was wondering how long will canned goods last. I'm talking soups, vegetables, fruits, meats etc. that are bought at the local grocery. Is it once they reach the expiration date they need to be consumed or will they last longer than the expiration date. It would seem to me that they would last...
  8. 5.56 NATO Two-Tone Brass

    Stupid question of the day. I did a search didn't see an answer. So why is most of the 5.56 NATO brass two-tone? It looks to me like it's fire formed or something. What is the advantage? Here's an example: TIA
  9. Historic Tower Seen From Route 93 in Boston

    What is the name of the beautiful tan/brown colored tower that is seen while driving on Route 93 in Boston. It's located between the tunnel and the big storage building. It's very old looking compared to all of the modern buildings surrounding it, it has a flat top and looks to be 20 stories or...
  10. Where to get a rear sight installed on Beretta 92

    I bought the Beretta factory adjustable rear sight for my Beretta 92FS. I tried to drift out the stock sight with a brass punch but it won't even move. Anyone know of a smith who does work on Beretta's or someone who may have the sight pusher tool for this gun? TIA John
  11. Gangland Boston on the History Channel

    Tonight at 8:00 PM on the History Channel. Rage Against Society, Gang life in Boston. This may be interesting.
  12. 9mm Lead Nose Ammunition

    Anyone know of a gunshop that has 9mm lead nose (usually 125gr) ammunition in stock. Bullseye is one of the popular brands. I've been looking for more of this since Woburn Sportsman's Assoc. requires it on their indoor range. Ive checked a few shops and made a few calls. It's not an emergency...
  13. LTC Renewal Procedure?

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I did a search and couldn't find anything to help. What is the procedure for renewing the LTC in MA. Do I wait for a renewal notice or do I get the renewal form at the local PD? Thanks for the help. John
  14. New Beretta 92?

    I just bought a new Beretta 92 and in the case is a plastic blue cup like accessory. The cup is two sided with one side being deeper than the other. It has the Beretta logo molded into both sides. Is it to store small parts when field stripping? That's the only thing I can think of. Thanks John
  15. Lawrence Police Chief to fine owners of stolen cars

    This is great: The Lawrence Police Chief will punish the unfortunate owners of cars that are stolen. Owners who's cars are stolen more than once will be fined. These are the owners of Honda's,Toyota's and other commonly stolen cars. As they get older the ignitions wear out and are easier to...
  16. Gunsmith to drill & tap a Ruger Mark II?

    Hi I'm looking for recommendations on a gunsmith to drill and tap a Ruger Mark II for a scope rail. Has anyone else had this done? I'd like to add a scope rail like the new Ruger Mark III. Looking for a smith in North MA South NH area. Thanks
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