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  1. You got the money?
  2. Group buy?

  3. Plumber needed

    In or around Bellingam MA. I need a copper "L" replaced on my hot water return. Thanks
  4. WTS Headphones

    I thought my Beats couldnt be repaired so I bought these. They are pretty sweet but now that I have my beats back I dont need them anymore. They are brand new. I charged them up once to test them and never touched them again. I will let them go for $75 - so you save $65+ (or BEO). Comes...
  5. New TV

    Anyone have one of these? Im thinking of getting it. Big purchase - opinions? Thanks
  6. Local Voting

    Wait .. do we have local voting tomorrow? My Dad who is in NY was telling me to get out and vote .. but I dont see anything in my area in my town? Am I being a bad citizen?
  7. Dem debate - no conservative feedback

    I have noticed that there is virtually ZERO conservative response video on YouTube.. I guess it has been scrubbed away by the tolerant left. Because the media and is so very impartial. This must be like living in cold war CCCP when the gov't controlled the entire message to gas-light the populace.
  8. So .. I wasnt going to share this .. but ..

    I have Ford expedition with a "badge" on the front that says "Deutschland" with the German flag colors. Its not an actual flag .. just the colors. I was waiting to get on Storrow drive the other day after I had passed the gahden. In traffic, a guys stops his car in front of me, gets outs and...
  9. WTS Free plumbing connectors /sink and toilet feed.

    1 nine inch toilet connector 1 set of hot and cold 24 inch long braided stainless 3/8 inch female compression X M10 male. I missed the return window so my laziness is your gain. I will mail it to you on my dime unless you are close .. then we can just meet.
  10. Xfinity center parking pass - Gone..

    I have an extra premier parking pass for Xfinity center for tomorrow night. I screwed up and bought 2. If anyone is going I will transfer you the ticket for free. $50 value.
  11. WTS Yeti roadie cooler - brand new - Sold

    I have a Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler in white. Never used ... still in the box. I got this as a gift and I already have one in blue (that my wife likes better). These things are ridiculous and will keep things cold past the day of your death. They are $200 (not including taxes and shipping) if you...
  12. Volume Down..

    Has anyone besides me noticed that conservative videos on YouTube are MUCH quieter recently .. almost the to point where you cant hear them? Just another ploy by the "progressives" to stifle the content I assume..
  13. Wayfair walkout: Good for the CEO

    Now just fire every person who joins the "walk out".. Wayfair employees organize protest to oppose sales to border detention facilities "As a retailer, it is standard practice to fulfill orders for all customers and we believe it is our business to sell to any customer who is acting within the...
  14. WTS Mothers Day is Coming!

    Okay all - This is a long-shot on NES .. but here is your chance to be the big hero.. My wife was on this waiting list for over six months for the "unicorn" of Louise Vuitton bags from the store. its called a Louise Vuitton Favorite MM bag. Its authentic and made in France which makes it even...
  15. WTS Box of repel 40% deet

    I bought an extra box (6 cans - 6.5 oz each) by mistake. I will never use this much. The box is unopened. I will sell it for $25. Spring is coming. Keep 2 at home, 1 in the car, 1 in the boat, 1 in the cabin, give 1 to a friend... Goose rules apply and I will drop it off if you are somewhat...
  16. New mesh network

    I set up a new mesh network for the house yesterday. I used the Orbi RBR50 and physically plugged it into my existing FIOS router using CAT6. Setup was very easy as I just used the same SSID and password for my previous wireless and everything worked automatically. I know some people here on...
  17. Happy New Year.. Not so much..

    Never mind .. deleted ... Please remove..
  18. Amazon Echo Smart Plugs

    GONE I have some Gmyle Smart plugs. Two of them (maybe two more if I can find them). If you have an Echo they should work so you can voice control lights and stuff. One caveat is that they were working great for me and then one day they stopped. It might have to do with the fact that we...
  19. Epping Dragway

    Just got back from my first time there. It was great fun. They had some funny cars and top fuel dragsters - which i love. Anyone else ever go? I would like to get an expanded schedule but they dont have one online (thiers only covers the current month). Anyone know when the season ends and...
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