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  1. Have people seen any Winchester 1897s around?

    Looking to purchase one, was wondering if there are many around in decent shape.
  2. WTB Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun

    As title states, thanks. PM with pics and price!
  3. WTB DP12 Shotgun

    Like title states, thanks.
  4. Trijicon MRO Experiences?

    Hi folks, Anyone have experience with the Trijicon MRO? Looking for straight honest accounts from those who have shot with it. Thanks!
  5. WTB 34mm Ultra High Scope Mount

    Looking to buy a high quality ultra high scope mount, must be 34mm. thanks.
  6. Airsoft Question

    So I'm thinking of putting my Schmidt and Bender PMII scope on my electronic airsoft M4 by Tokyo Marui. WILL I NOW be able to hit targets at 1000 yards?
  7. WTB High quality scope for my Barrett M99

    Looking for a high quality scope for my Barrett M99 - budget is 1600ish. Thanks.
  8. AR Pistol?

    I have been looking everywhere and can’t seem to figure it out - is an AR PISTOL legal here? thanks.
  9. What are you doing, GunBroker sellers?

    Been looking through GunBroker lately, and have always noticed that many sellers only accept personal checks, bank checks etc. Basically, you the buyer have to snail mail a check out to these sellers across the country just to purchase your order. Can we bring these guys into the 21st century...
  10. WTB Barrett M99 32 inch Heavy Barrel

    Have 3600 cash in hand. Please let me know. Thanks.
  11. WTB Barrett M99 .50

    Looking to buy the Barrett M99 .50 cal. Thanks!
  12. WTS Military Issue Level 4 Ceramic Body Armor with Carrier

    Looking for ~400 for the following... Included: 2 pistol mags pouches (double stack) 5 double rifle mag pouches iFAK Pouch Survival (SERE) kit Pouch Multi Tool Pouch Radio Pouch Camelback (included) 2 large armor plates 7.62mm APM2 protection ESAPI by Ceradyne (included)...
  13. WTS Polytech Legend AK Underfolder

    Looking to trade a Polytech Legend for an iPad Pro plus money. All matching serial numbers. Also have original sling. Would also trade for 2200 cash straight up. Message for pics! Does not include box.
  14. WTB AK sling

    Hi Looking to buy an AK sling that actually fits my body haha, bought a Chinese sling from GunBroker and it does not fit me whatsoever. Thanks.
  15. Looking for AK restoration

    Hi all, Have a pretty lightly used Polytech Legend I just bought, but would like to restore it a bit to make it sparkle n shine. Anyone know of any services around the Medford area?
  16. WTB Polytech Legend Sling/Box

    Wondering if anyone has a sling/original accessories for a Polytech Legend AK. Thanks.
  17. Cleaning an old blued AK

    Hi all, So I just picked up some Renaissance Wax to clean my old Polytech Legend. Was wondering if anyone had any tips for cleaning/what to clean with...? Thanks, Dan
  18. WTT Barrett M99 for AK underfolder

    Looking to trade new Barrett M99 with lots of ammo, a NightForce 6x24 NSX scope for a preban folding AK. thanks.
  19. WTS Beretta 92FS w/ ammo

    SOLD Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private party face-to-face transactions (only permitted by Fed law...
  20. Looking for Reading Rifle Sponsorship

    Hi all, Looking for sponsorship to Reading Rifle and Revolver club. I’m an LTC holder, 29 years young, responsible and pretty knowledgeable with firearms. Part of the reason I’d like to join is to shoot my 50 Barrett. Thanks a lot, Dan
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