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  1. CCW fashion show LAST DAY TO GET TICKETS

    Concealed Carry Fashion Show - GOAL.ORG Hope to see you there!
  2. Thank you!

    All who attended the rally. You made a difference and I thank you! There is NO EXCUSE for missing these rallies and those who know me, know I would have been there. But ultimately I had to make a decision not to go. I was out of state and have a pregnant wife and a 3yo. I just couldn't...
  3. JOB - System Specialist HVAC Controls

    We have a few positions open. Please let me know if you are interested. Good company. [smile] Title: System Specialist - BMS Automation for Construction Dept. Location: Boston, Massachusetts Salary/Benefits: Salary Negotiable Full Benefits (401K, Medical, Dental, Vacation)...
  4. Need to borrow a sight pusher - Glock

    Does anyone have one. 128/Rt9/495 area? I need to replace the sights on a Glock 26. I have used the punch and hammer method before without issues but would rather use the right tool if someone doesn't mind lending it for a day or two. Thanks in advance. [smile]
  5. M1A- Hunting Questions (Deer gun)

    Hi NES Brain-trust. Years ago I got an M1A Loaded for my dad. He is at an age where it's smart for him to put down the 7mm Rem Mag bolt gun. Here are my questions: 1. What hunting loads (150gr would be plenty) are best for the M1A (run well, expand well, and group well)? 2. Where...
  6. Booms

    I am feeling them in Shrewsbury. Whatever they are testing at Devens is pretty big. ETA:
  7. Air guns info

    Hi guys, I have a 1000fps .177 that shoots great. Here is the problem, The scope/mount will only accept a cheapo. Most of the shots I need to take with this thing are at dusk. I would like a gun that I can put a real piece of glass on that won't break the bank. What are you guys using for...
  8. Crazy neighbor question

    I am trying to buy some Land In Berkley MA. It's a 2.5 Acre lot. Every time I go to see the land the Neighbor comes over crying like I just took the last cookie. I have a strange feeling he is trying to get the sale to fall through. I am afraid to confront him because he has all kinds of gun...
  9. Hiking Boots? Recommendation

    Hi all, I have had all the basic types of hiking boots that I pick us at Dicks etc all usually around $100. I have been less than impressed. None stay waterproof for more than 6 months and the support breaks down quickly. I think I need to look at the next level. Let me know what you think and...
  10. Definition of pistol frame/receiver.

    Definition of pistol frame/receiver. I can't seem to find a definition in Federal or state law (MA). Here is my question: There are many people that build their own receiver or lower for legal reasons. Is there any limitation on the simplicity of this part? Lets say a manufacture...
  11. Spring expantion tool?

    I just repaired the gasket on the washing machine and I need a tool to reassemble it. I am just not man enough to open it enough with any other method. I figured I would ask here before I go into the garage and weld some nipples on the wrong end of a pair of pliers. Who has one of these bad...
  12. Raising Quail

    I built a quail tractor. I am looking for Coturnix quail. Anyone else raising birds? Does anyone know where to get them in MA? -Mike
  13. My Princess "NFU"

    New Family Unit The wife and I had a bit of a rocky road when it came to conceiving. I am happy to announce my little princess. [smile] Mom and Baby are doing perfect. Giovanna Michelina Follo 5/31/13 8-5 21"
  14. (RANT) I am about to sound really old

    I am 38 years old. I have been shooting since I was a very young guy. [smile] I remember when: SKS's were $59 everywhere and you were tripping over them at the gun store. .308 battle packs were $55ish and the stuff was good. 9mm was $5.99 a box (when you weren't looking for a good...
  15. Just move to another state!

    Every time someone asks a legal question about MA someone posts "Just move to NH". I am so sick of hearing this "Just move to another state". Do you guys realize that if we keep moving from states like MA rather than fighting tooth and nail, we will eventually all be living together in one...
  16. Recommend a 1 person Hiking tent.

    I am looking for a lightweight hiking tent for one person. I am a big guy (6' 240ish). Hike mostly Spring to fall in New England. What have you guys been using? Thanks in advance. -Mike
  17. DCU Westboro Robbed!

    My wife was working there when it got robbed. She is ok.
  18. Worcester IDPA 3/10/12 Classifier

    Worcester IDPA 3/10/12 Classifier Worcester Pistol and Rifle club would like to invite you to this event. Title: WPRC IDPA MATCH Date: Saturday 3/10/12 MD: Negotiator Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Notes: WPRC IDPA MATCH Registration 9:15 - 9:45 Practice held- 3/4/12 Evening See you...
  19. Worcester IDPA 2/11/12

    Worcester IDPA 2/11/12 Worcester Pistol and Rifle club would like to invite you to this event. Title: WPRC IDPA MATCH Date: Saturday 2/11/12 MD: Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Notes: WPRC IDPA MATCH Registration 9:15 - 9:45 6 Stages Bring a flashlight. Practice held- 2/5/12 Evening...
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