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  1. SGM FISETTE - Phony War Hero and JROTC Instructor

    Each year he always arrived to the Barnes memorial in dedham on memorial day and never wore the " Herd" patch which is shown he "Earned". Always red flags with him and his tales. I never trusted him and glad my suspicions were correct.
  2. Do you think it AR's will be banned in the next couple of weeks?

    They will try and get something passed to appease the masses, what the law/regulation will be is something we will all have to wait and see.
  3. Bottom line would you give up your Firearms?

    I do as im told, I belive it would be the right thing to do, I do what is best for the common good. [rules][puke]
  4. Acme Armament Moving Giveaway

  5. North Korean army minister 'executed with mortar round'

    Now thats a way to Demote someone!
  6. Hurricane Sandy *outage maps in post #1*

    Sucks its going to hit around Halloween hopefully it stays away just long enough but It's New England, I am looking foward to hunkering down for a nice storm, listening to the news Im still amazed that every year the weenies get the worry flag flying. Snow, rain wind it is part of living here...
  7. NJ girl murdered over her bike

    its the sad reality of america, hopefully they are not rolled up in the wonderful liberal court system and deemed juvvy's that need some TLC and out by 18 for good behaviour. my heart goes out to autum's family. I found the term "ratted" a sad statement, I am really im glad the mother is not a...
  8. Bow Season Progess?

    +1 Same here haha. I have a nine month old doe at home. saw some great NEW signs but nothing has shown themselves yet but tis still early. good luck all! Sean
  9. Tisei takes anti-2A stance

    I am tired, I work hard, have a family that has to deal with looking at and listining to the cheats, scamartists and S-bags robbing us blind everytime we go to the store and see the crap with EBT, welfare and not to mention the secion 8 that are now on my street that are either stoned or drunk...
  10. On Mass Pike today and saw a huge anti assault weapon sign

    I will have to take a ride down if they changed it, I enjoy the information [rofl]
  11. is it douchie using your climber around other peoples stands ?

    It saddens me to hear the stories of A-holes, as I have not had the negitive experience yet but am not surprised but since our community is not a large one and not too popular 'round these parts it is amazing the level some people will resort to, there are a few spots I use and there are a...
  12. WWII vet leaves behind pile of shrapnel after cremation.

    Rest well my friend, you've done your time in hell. AATW!
  13. Free Masons. Who are they, what do they represent and are they worth joining?

    I am a member of Rural lodge in Quincy and have never looked back since making the decision to walk up during an open house and ask questions. This Saturday OCT 20th is one such event and as there are 3 lodges at the same location you can bet there will be many members there eager to answer any...
  14. Hunting Ettiquette Question

    Most hunters I know, myself included try to setup somewhere there wont be alot of "traffic" from people out and about, if you are looking to "break brush" that might piss someone off, Last year I was out for a walk and saw a few deer of in the distance and they stared at me didnt run or spook...
  15. Home Defense - Semi Auto or Pump Action Shotgun?

    Stoeger double defense is great so far, as it has not needed to be tested thankfully. its compact enought to go anywhere in the Bedroom.
  16. Good horror movie suggestions....

    Obama/Biden re-elected. Really though Early Nightmare on elm st's were classic
  17. Liz Warren Campaign Ad on S&W Forum

    AGH, just got a mental pic of that. stop stop STOP! [rofl]
  18. Earthquake! Magnitude 4.0 - 6km NNE of Waterboro, Maine

    Felt it with the wife S. of boston we were perplexed why the floor was shaking and no reason for it. now I know.
  19. Question for those who served in Afghanistan or Iraq

    Medics carry and can get alot (sometimes) and our personal kits are great, some items that are not always avalible or are used up quickly are: Moleskin - Liquid skin - these first two are great items and are a must for anyone outside the wire as ones feet fall apart quick in that enviorment...
  20. More Medical FAIL

    Those poor parents will be in my prayers, how horrible and tramatic an event that was obviously done by a sadistic man, who IMHO should be put in a ditch
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