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  1. Firearm Licensing Renewal Data Sought by GOAL

    Firearm Licensing Renewal Data Sought by GOAL We are, once again, getting word that some local licensing authorities are not accepting any firearm license applications. Originally this was the case for new applicants. Now GOAL is hearing that towns are expanding it to any firearm license...
  2. GOAL Calls on Governor Baker to Publicly Condemn AG’s Remarks on Firearm Retailers and Ranges

    GOAL Calls on Governor Baker to Publicly Condemn AG’s Remarks on Firearm Retailers and Ranges Pattern of Discrimination Against the Second Amendment Community Continues Boston – Recently the Massachusetts Attorney General used her position of political power to accuse the Second Amendment...
  3. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

    Folks, just an update on the NRA board elections. Those of us who are on the ballot have been notified that the company hired to conduct the ballot counting has been closed due to the virus. NRA HQ is currently working on a solution, but we may not know the results for some time to come.
  4. Discrimination from Baker Administration Shines Bright During Covid-19 Crisis

    Discrimination from Baker Administration Shines Bright During Covid-19 Crisis Our nation, and state, now struggles through the new world of fighting a pandemic virus (Covid-19) in ways we never have. During this crisis we have been advised to use a number of precautions to help prevent a...
  5. Baker Follows Feds on Firearm Retailers and Ranges

    Special Alert! - Update Just within the last hour, the Administration changed the language deleting "retailers" and shooting ranges"! Baker Administration follows federal guidelines for essential businesses under new notice just released this afternoon, March 31st. Making the following...
  6. GOAL Advisory to Affiliated Clubs

    GOAL Advisory to Affiliated Clubs – March 24, 2020 Several firearms clubs around the state have contacted GOAL regarding keeping their facilities open during the COVID-19 crisis. First and foremost, let us say that any action you take during this time should be done with the health and welfare...
  7. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    We have been working with EOPSS to address these issues. We were told the agency would work on a skeleton crew as they can. The GOAL office is working the same way. Only one staffer at a time in the office.
  8. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Here is the legal cite: Chapter 140, Section 131 (i): "...if the licensee applied for renewal prior to the end of that period, the license shall remain valid after its expiration date for all lawful purposes until the application for renewal is approved or denied."
  9. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Updated: 3/19 Update on Licensing Procedures During Emergency GOAL is currently in communication with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. They have recently allowed the Registry of Motor Vehicles to extend all licenses, registrations, etc. by 60 days. GOAL is asking that they...
  10. MA Emergency Loans Specifically Exclude Firearm Retailers

    MA Leaves Firearm Retailers Out in the Cold With Emergency Loans. Only five types of businesses we declared ineligible for Massachusetts emergency small business loans. Firearm retailers was one of them! "Ineligible businesses include companies involved in real estate investment, multi-level...
  11. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Folks, just to let you know that we are working on this situation. We are in direct contact with the Governor's office staff. This action is a bigger step than they perceive it.
  12. Massachusetts Democrat introduces bill to "screen all patients for the presence of firearms in the home"

    Here is a link to a video of our testimony at the hearing.
  13. I've Been Nominated to Run for the NRA Board

    Jim Wallace of GOAL Nominated to Run for NRA Board 2020 Election Well folks, its official. I have been nominated to run for the Board of Directors for the National Rifle Association. A few months ago, I was contacted by some friends and colleagues from around the country. They asked if I was...
  14. GOAL Advocacy Workshop

    Folks, after the latest hearing at the State House people really got fired up. We had many requests for advocacy training so here it is. Hope to see a lot of people there. GOAL Advocacy Workshop - GOAL.ORG
  15. Huge Thank You From GOAL

    Folks, before we get distracted by a long weekend with our friends and families, I wanted to to just put out a huge thank you to everyone. Whether you physically came to the State House, or made calls or just generally supported those who did, it all matters. Simply put, the four of us at GOAL...
  16. Read GOAL's New Report on MA Gun Control Failure

    Those numbers come directly from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
  17. Read GOAL's New Report on MA Gun Control Failure

    Please read and share with everyone you can. The truth must be told. Massachusetts Gun Control Success – A False & Dangerous Narrative - GOAL.ORG
  18. Stolen hunting gear

    Folks, among many other things GOAL is looking to file legislation that will strongly amend the hunter harassment law. If you know people who have been harassed, had gear stolen or vandalized or anything else connected to this subject, please have them contact me directly. Here is the...
  19. Healey Claims She Gave Fair Notice on New Interpretations

    Ms. Healey repeatedly emphasized she was not trying to take away anybody’s guns. Asked about the rollout of the enforcement notice, she said she gave fair notice...
  20. GOAL's Freedom Relay Rally

    Conference call tonight, trying to get permits approved.
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