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  1. Get your NES Bingo cards!

    You've pretty much got the essence of NES down. Perhaps you could add: 1. Marines Rule and ______ drools. 2. I hate _______ drivers. 3. Which gun in _____ movie? 4. Which gun/round for Zombies? 5. The forty and how it has destroyed America. 6. I’m the only one on this board qualified to...
  2. One Hit Wonders and Forgotten Classics Music Thread

    Good one Mr. Wilson. Respectfully, jkelly
  3. Marking Your Magazines

    [grin] I'm sure you'll return the favor.[grin] Respectfully, jkelly
  4. Marking Your Magazines

    Yeah, that's not surprising. But what do you mark you mags with? [grin] Respectfully, jkelly
  5. J

    Rich, I didn't count the words in his post, I just copied his post to MSWord and that counts...

    Rich, I didn't count the words in his post, I just copied his post to MSWord and that counts them. :) Respectfully, John
  6. That's right I drive a Prius! What's it to ya!?

    You took 844 words when all you needed to say was: [grin] Respectfully, jkelly
  7. ~ Can you identify the handgun? ~ WINNER ~ post 531

    Sam seems to be front of me often. The first thing I thought was extruded candy. Respectfully, jkelly
  8. ~ Can you identify the handgun? ~ WINNER ~ post 531

    Looks like a reptile head to me but LiN's "pipeline" made me think of flowing lava. Respectfully, jkelly
  9. Brown/Coakley MegaThread - Brown Wins!

    Could you point me to his retratcioon please. Respectfully, jkelly
  10. Would you buy a polymer frame gun

    No, I'm not a big fan of plastic. Respectfully, jkelly
  11. Another way to get out of a sinking SUV

    After firing a gun inside an SUV I’d bet he was trying to answer that phone for hours. [grin] Respectfully, Jkelly
  12. Indoor plate shoots Providence RI

    Bobby P., Thanks for putting this match on I had great time and some good laughs. Respectfully, jkelly
  13. What are you reading?

    Right now I'm reading The Glorious Cause by Middlekaukff, I've just finised Stonehenge by Ruhl. TGC is about the British people and the politics regarding the American Revolution. Respectfully, jkelly
  14. Waiting for the Police to come get me right now!!!

    I'll trade you a carton of cigarettes for one of your model 34s. Respectfully, jkelly
  15. Harvard USPSA January Match Respectfully, jkelly
  16. Harvard USPSA January Match

    Thanks Bill, you do a great job! Respectfully, jkelly
  17. Harvard USPSA January Match

    I don't have their schedule and I can't get into their web page. If you search "Independent Sportsmens" club, In Foxboro, you may have better luck. Please let me know if you get in, I'm bounced out and my IE crashes. Respectfully, jkelly
  18. ~ Can you identify the handgun? ~ WINNER ~ post 531

    Sorry I'm late: Plate tectonics mid-Atlantic Ridge, South America and Africa, or a dirty picture? Respectfully, jkelly
  19. Sent to local Rep.

    Should have told them to think rabies. Respectfully, jkelly
  20. Harvard USPSA January Match

    For the most part they are an outlaw USPSA club and use most of the rule book. They put on a good match, get some very good shooters and at $10 a gun most shoot twice (either the same division or two different divisions). They usually have three stages one of which is all steel (maybe 24...
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