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  1. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Melrose My recent renewal. I sat with the seargant on December 4, 2012 for prints and pics. He called me on December 28, 2012, and told me that my license was ready: 24 days. Fastest renewal I've ever had. GC
  2. Stoughton road rage incident

    "You have to give up that parking space you thought was yours. You can't flip the bird out your car window. .... You have to take sh1t from everyone." A. Branca,
  3. Brown to Vote Against Reciprocity Bill

    I've been sitting on an envelope. His maiden run for the so-called "Kennedy seat", I sent them $200. I'm glad I sat on this donation for as long as I did. Not another nickel,..... ever. [email protected]@k him! I'll vote for the [email protected]@hole for Cambridge!! GC
  4. Manchester, NH- October 15-16

    Yes, we are restricted for interstate sales. I am sure the Mass grabbers will fight any loosening of these laws. GC Via GOAL's Friday news blast of 10/14/11 "WASHINGTON - Recognizing the need to revamp outdated and restrictive gun laws, U.S Senators Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Orrin...
  5. NEW CLASS: Understanding Firearms Law with Chief Ron Glidden

    Good. I have an old version of the LE Guide that I would like to upgrade. GC
  6. NEW CLASS: Understanding Firearms Law with Chief Ron Glidden

    I have asked MFS if there is some kind of take-away from this course in RG's book or cd. I will be waiting to see what their answer is, before I confirm my subscription to this course. GC
  7. Numchucks? (sp?)

    What is a zoobow?
  8. Case in MA where a self defense situation resulted in a conviction

    2 brothers claim self-defense in deadly clash By John Ellement, Globe Staff | November 16, 2004 David Pepicelli did not flinch yesterday when his lawyer told a jury in Suffolk Superior Court that Pepicelli shot and killed David A. Stivaletta on a dead-end street five years ago in the North...
  9. Sanford Gun Show- Sept. 18th & 19th

    Sept. 18 & 19, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-2 admission = $5 under 14, free with adult Sanford Armory turn off Rt. 109 at Hannafords more info call Phil 324-5724
  10. J-Frame or Kahr PM9 ????

    Anyone have the specs on the PM9? Weight/width/etc. thanks, GC
  11. ~ Silenced 1895 Nagant revolver (NFA) ~ ~ ~ short VIDEO . . .

    The Ultimate Spy Book >
  12. A few questions regarding licensing.

    Question was asked at an NRA Personal Protection course about why it takes longer than forty days to get a license: The Licensing Officer of Lawrence PD said (in reference to the 40 day time period for approving/denying a license): "What's the matter with those people (meaning the state...

    Dupe. Sorry. GC

    Mass. bans novelty lighters Monday, August 30, 2010 BOSTON - Massachusetts has banned cigarette lighters that look like guns, pens, lobster claws and other objects in an effort to cut down on accidental fires started by children. SNIP The law takes effect in November, and includes...
  15. Black powder revolvers

    I have a couple Remington-type revolvers made by Pietta that I did not have any problems with. I ordered them from Dixie. Don't know if they will still ship here (MA). dixiegunworksdotcom GC
  16. H4102 is DEAD Congratulations all and thank you.

    Mass. Gov. blames gun lobby for slowing bill July 26, 2010 BOSTON --Gov. Deval Patrick says his bill to help control illegal handguns has been hurt by gun lobbyists and may not even get debated. Patrick told reporters Monday that he believes members of the House are "feeling the...
  17. H4102 is DEAD Congratulations all and thank you.

    maybe the casino beef may help us WEEKLY ROUNDUP: ELEVATED TEMPERATURES Recap and analysis of the week in state government By Jim O'Sullivan STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, JULY 9, 2010……..Expiring-clock reflections while waiting for that video of Steve Grossman shaking it...
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