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  1. "Florida Man" arrested for making DEATH THREATS to President Trump

    Mohammed Omar Haji Mohammed Florida man accused of threatening President Trump Can we send HIM home ? unibrow
  2. Will there be a time when Police Departments begin issuing Firearm Permits to ANTIFA?

    We all know it is common practice that having POLITICAL CONNECTIONS smooths everything over - including the issuance of LTC's. ANTIFA is already being allowed to riot with impunity due to the fact Local Governments agree with their Politics. This can be seen on the news and is undisputable...
  3. Where's the WAYFAIR thread ? There's no way there isn't one.

    Wayfair sucks.
  4. Oh Crap - STEVE is leaving the Howie Carr show

    As Howie's Producer and Fill-In Guy, Steve has been fantastic. MUCH better than "Virgin Boy". SAD. At least Grace is still there - VA VA VOOM ! SMOKIN'
  5. 47 year-old Lawrence man drugs 13 year-old Amesbury Girl - who dies

    No bail for man charged with dropping girl, 13, dead at ER My question, as oft presented by the renowned Howie Carr: IMMIGRATION STATUS??
  6. ANOTHER Moonbat Hoax Crime - Southbridge Teacher plants Ammo in School

    MA Teacher Planted Bullet In School: PD We Deplorables just aren't breaking the Law enough. To paraphrase George Bush: " Liberals are just breaking the Laws that Deplorables can't be bothered to break. "
  7. Was I Racially-Profiled ?

    So I'm just walking for some exercise, and an older car full of kids pull up beside me and briefly stop: "HEY SULLIVAN - F*CK YOU". And they take off. They were Hispanic in appearance, and I thought little of it. Mistaken identity. Mebe a High School teacher ? I do look like a lot of my fellow...
  8. HUD to Illegal Aliens in Federal Housing - OUT !!

    HUD Makes Rule to Give Americans not Illegals Access to Public Housing Obama's Auntie Zeituni is lucky she passed under his watch. Zeituni Onyango - Wikipedia
  9. TROOPER "Rescues" Baby Coyote, and is PRAISED ? - WTF

    A trooper responded to a call for a wounded dog. He found this coyote pup. | People who think this is a "Feel-Good" Story fit the very definition of Urban Imbecile. Would they also praise a LEO for "rescuing" Baby Rats ? Coyotes are NOT indigenous to the NorthEast, and, in fact...
  10. Wife's friends calls her - crying hysterically that TRUMP WILL DRAFT HER SON

    Ok, I am demented. I watch Cable News and listen to the News over ten hours a day. It consumes me. Still, when my wife informed me her friend called her, hysterical, that President Trump would soon DRAFT her son, I was mystified. I've heard or read a LOT of Crazed Crap, but this was a new...
  11. Predict Robert Mueller's Fate

    In my opinion, Mueller's future is far from rosy. In two years he has been propelled from a man, who no one on earth would recognize on the street but Howie Carr, to someone whose facial recognition must be second only to Trump's. Conservatives have hated him for a while. But we are respectful...
  12. Did any restaurants near you offer Government "Workers" FREE MEALS ?

    I don't get this at all. Let's say you get a Free Meal. You and your partner. $25 each would be very inexpensive. So $50. A 15% Tip (cheapskate - I give 20%) would be $7.50 For $7.50 you could buy Ramen or Rice or Eggs or Bread or Pasta or Peanut Butter to eat for several days. So you're...
  13. I am SO looking foward to the SOTU!

    This upcoming SOTU has huge entertainment potential. We've got AOC, who can't keep her yap shut, and is very likely (hopefully) to bray out some insane hollers for the publicity. And Muslim Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib who may just scream out MothaF*kker in President Trump's direction - again...
  14. The first batch of CZ-82 C&R Handguns in YEARS has arrived!&utm_campaign=2019-01-08_PM63...
  15. Florida Commissioner Shoots Alleged Intruder in Self-Defense

    Florida Commissioner Shoots Alleged Intruder in Self-Defense Any situation such as this is most unlikely. Our "betters" invariably live in Gated Communities and Neighborhoods that are remote from the Criminal Element. But when it happens, ain't it sweet? Can you imagine Maura Healey's shock...
  16. After years of shipping to Mass, SOG goes out of business

    Damn Shame Southern Ohio Gun This place was one of the few that shipped the goods to us. Sadly (or not), with President Trump in charge Gun Sales are not what they used to be.
  17. Newton Judge CONDEMNED by "Chicken Charlie" ? WTF...

    Someone forgot to cut him a check. Governor wants judge in sanctuary city off the bench amidst probe for helping illegal immigrant evade ICE
  18. Is Amazon introducing a new version of ECHO this year?

    Ok, ok, I am convinced already that BIG GUVMINT and BIG TECH already know everything about me. So screw the privacy. Also, when much younger I very likely got drunk or high with several young women (one at a time, tho), and had my way with them. So no SCOTUS job for me. To the point: I own...
  19. Brrrrr .... I need a new Winter Hat

    They had me at ELDERLY. In for two ! Luxury Winter Elderly Men Faux Leather Bomber Trapper Ear Warm Outdoor Hat Cap*1 | eBay ( check out option Red#2 for an Easter Egg )
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