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  1. WTB henry lever .22 FOUMD please delete

    looking for a henry .22 LR lever. FTF S.E. MA EFA 10 classic or golden boy depending on the deal FOUND
  2. Georgia teacher fired a shot in class

    Georgia teacher in custody after allegedly opening fire in classroom, police say this ain't good....
  3. MA motorcycle inspection ?

    been a biker for about 50yrs and took a break for the past 2. bought a bike again this winter and with good weather around the corner been thinking about registering it. if i register it i get 7 days to buy an inspection sticker. if i get a sticker let's say next week does it expire the end of...
  4. WTS motrized 1937 columbia $500 or best

    can't ride two so i'm selling one. new build, columbia 1937 with a 65cc mtr, chain tensioner, rear 3l tank,bmx hd chain, cnc sprocket clamp. just broken in . over 100mpg, 30+ mph, cruise around 25mph. $500 or best offer. located S.E. MA
  5. WTS light comfortable hybrid bicycle

    i bought this aluminum bike new from walmart. pulled all the junk components off and installed new quality stuff.installed new giant wheels, new kenda kriterium 700X25 tires, new shimano sealed bottom bracket, new titanium skewers, new wellgo pedals,new shimano 28/38/48 m131 triple crankset, new...
  6. Butternut HF vert

    just listed it over in yardsale. 98% there, needs a few minor pieces. local PU in S.E. MA $100
  7. WTS Butternut HF vertical ant

    mast, coils in good shape. some minor pieces missing.30m coil and some hardware missing. last pic shows a complete ant. they are going for $540 new now !! LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. $100
  8. hamsticks

    just listed 8 hamsticks with big mag mount over in classifieds if anybody is interested. pick up here in S.E. MA
  9. Transmission Repairs

    i haven't posted on here for a while, gotten a few jobs from you guy's. i am a self employed bench only guy and very reasonable. next yr will be 40yrs i been rebuilding trans for a living. located in S.E. MA lot of people busted their trans in the snow lately, let me know if i can help.
  10. tree removal

    anybody near me with a bucket truck ?? S.E. MA 02576 have a dead tree about 35ft from the house and the power lines are accross the st from it. the top needs to be chopped off before it comes down.
  11. stupid question excellent answer

    my Dad just sent met this; a great comeback to a typical, modern, politically correct idiot journalist… Stupid Question... Excellent Answer! For those that don't know him, Major General Peter Cosgrove is an Australian. General Cosgrove was interviewed on the radio recently...

    my Dad just e-mailed this to me WORLD MURDER STATISTICS From the World Health Organization: The latest Murder Statistics for the world: Murders per 100,000 citizens Honduras 91.6 (Guess we won't be going there!!) El Salvador 69.2 Cote d'lvoire 56.9...
  13. virtual president

    my Dad sent me this in an e-mail GUNS (Virtual State of the Union 2013) - YouTube
  14. Baby in stroller shot in head

    Police search for boy suspects in Ga. baby killing | General Headlines | Comcast and they want to take out guns away so people like this can run around knowing we are defenseless
  15. grace period, buy/sell

    i am now into my 90 day grace period for my renewel,new ltc is approved just waiting for it to be printed and mailed out. can i legaly buy/sell now that i am expired and into my grace period ?
  16. Marlin Closing ?

    i was just fwd this e-mail by my brother-in-law; Subject: MARLIN FIREARMS CLOSING ITS DOORS-Important for all gun owners MARLIN FIREARMS CLOSING ITS DOOR Marlin Firearms is already closing its doors! They are doing it to us, America! This needs to be spread to all gun owners...
  17. lego gun gets 5 yr old in trouble this world is screwed up !! i have read articles in the past few weeks about bubble guns,kids pointing their finger and saying bang ,etc.,etc. and getiing suspended as a kid i had a...
  18. Great Wisconsin Sheriff

    I like this guy Wis. sheriff urges residents to get gun training | US National Headlines | Comcast
  19. 5 yr old suspended for water pistol
  20. armed janitors i like it
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