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  1. Plantar Fasciitis

    Just a tip for anyone suffering from this. I was about to schedule a second surgery for my feet (had 1st one 10 years ago), and I decided to dump the work boots and try a pair of Sketchers. I bought a pair that look like hiking shoes but have a non slip sole and a steel toe, and are work...
  2. Which agency turned in all these G17 Gen2 Glocks?

    I just picked one up today. Mine has plenty of holster wear, but is like new on the inside. I think that it has depleted tritium sights and the sn ends with us, but only on the metal sn tag. I'm looking forward to shooting it. I want to find out what all this Glock popularity is all about. I've...
  3. We Aren't Doing Ourselves Any Favors

    This is directed towards the entire gun industry, including consumers (you and me). I wish that manufacturers would give their products nice friendly names, like Just Right Carbine, or Ruger Security 6, ect. And less killy names that sound militaryish, or tacticool. It gives the anti's...
  4. Angry Fortune Cookie Message

    I was surprised to see this one.
  5. NASCAR Going Anti 2A?

    I got an e-mail from Midsouth Shooters and one of the headlines was that NASCAR has adopted an anti 2A position. I couldn't open the story, and I am curious as hell about it.
  6. Damm Owl is Killing my Chickens

    I usually don't post in this department, but I figure you guys would have the best ideas. Last night my wife went out to lock up the birds for the night and walked into an active crime scene. Two of her best hens and our favorite duck were dead. A hen and the duck were dead in the coupe and we...
  7. Was at Lense Crafters today with the Wife and discovered that we were not welcome there.

    I had my S&W 642 and she had her Ruger LC9s and when we left the store I noticed this. I guess that we won't be going there again.
  8. Shooting in the rain?

    Particularly with a rifle, could shooting in a steady rain effect poi?
  9. 2018 3gun matches

    So, where are all of the local matches this year besides Pemi and Wallum?
  10. CTE from shooting magnum rifles?

    Back around the year 2000, I built a 458 Win mag rifle on a Mauser action. I built it for cast bullet silhouette shooting. After i had that stuff figured out I began experimenting with jacketed bullets. I was shooting a lot of full power loads. I always left the range with a headache. I would...
  11. WTS Pacific tool DL-250 w/ 12ga and 20ga dies (price reduced!)

    For sale is a Pacific DL-250 in line shot shell press in excellent condition. It comes set up in 20ga and includes a complete set of 12ga dies. This press makes a very nice crimp. The DL-250 press uses powder and shot bushings that are still being sold by Hornaday for their shot shell presses...
  12. Going Green!

    Went green today! I've been on NES for over a year and was thinking about how much I have benefited from this great site. Not to mention how we all stick together when attacked by our own! Great site! John
  13. Accuracy With A Bipod

    Hey rifle shooters, I have a very accurate ar that I use for 3gun competition. I usually shoot in open division where bipods are allowed. My question is: how does accuracy using a bipod compare to shooting off of hard cover? Also all of my load development has been done using sandbags under both...
  14. Surprise!!! My wife just became an NRA life member!

    I get a text on my way home yesterday that she joined the NRA as a life member. This is really special because when we met back in 2014 she had just moved back here from Australia and before that she lived in DC for 25 years. Like most people who have never used a firearm before, she had a very...
  15. Torn rotator cuff MEGATHREAD!!!

    Ha ha, just kidding about the MEGATHREAD! Just came back from the orthopedic doctor. I have a moderately torn rotator cuff, left shoulder. I did this at work last winter laying on a creeper knocking the wheels off the back of a 10 wheeler. I knew that I did something, but thought that it...
  16. Weapons of war on the streets of Boston

    The duck boats are back with all new safety modifications to make them mass compliant. God, I hate this state.
  17. Gun show door prize

    Has anyone ever won a door prize or do we just get on their mailing list? I have been going to shows for at least 25 years and have never heard of anyone winning anything.
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