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  1. Manipulating Votes via Social Media Messaging

    Testimony with Ted Cruz explaining how Big Tech Social media has the ability to shift millions of votes to the Democrat Column. They've been doing it already (2 MM in 2016) and will be doing it in full force come 2020. At least 15 MM are in play View:
  2. Ghostbusters 3 trailer

    Ok so this actually looks cool. Homage to the past but a new journey as well. Hopefully not a dupe View:
  3. Tulsa Cop handles active shooter like a boss

    I see a lot of posts on NES about cops doing their jobs poorly and rarely something showing them doing good police work. This Tulsa Cop does an outstanding professional job. He runs straight into danger to end the threat. Total chaos cardio and marksmanship. Very impressive
  4. Coast Guard Vs Air Force

    One of my sons is 16.5 and planning for life after high school. I'm now a big believer that any money spent on college these days MUST result in skills that are employable. Long gone are the days of going to a 4 year college because everyone else is and hoping that you're going to figure out...
  5. Facebook Declares war on "misinformation" In a blog post Tuesday, Facebook announced that it would start labeling suspected hoaxes and fake news with a warning, as well as reduce the appearance of posts with misinformation in the Newsfeed (Thought police hard at...
  6. Students to fight school shooters with canned goods?

    Yes ... It's known as the tactical Beefaroni Active shooter mitigation plan Can canned goods stop school shooters? CNN)When is a can of beans more than just a can of beans? When it's a weapon of...
  7. 40% off Sitewide 5.11 Discount Code

    Not sure if this was posted yet but you can get 40% and free shipping from the 5.11 Tactical Website with the coupon code of 511FAMILY. Enjoy!!
  8. BOTACH Sale - M&P 9mm 10 round Mags

    Ok Botach Haters! M&P 9mm 10 round mags - 25 bucks and free shipping. Whether true or not, they show over 100 in stock....good luck!
  9. Toys of yesteryear

    Where can I find one of these? and is it Mass compliant? Roy Rogers quick shooter hat
  10. TAG - Banshee Soft Armor Package

    For those looking for the Banshee Soft armor package. Tactical Assault gear has it for $279. I know we all hate TAG since the Sale debacle a few years back but this is a GREAT price Shellback tactical is selling this for $429...
  11. Are There Lessons for Us Today from Nazi Gun Control?

    A fascinating talk by Stephen Halbrook outlining the details of his book - "Gun Control in the Third Reich Disarming the Jews and 'Enemies of the State.'” Very long but a great presentation and very applicable to today. He starts speaking at about 20 minutes into the first video...
  12. Piers Morgan Falls off his Segway

    Hope it's not a dupe..... I didn't even think it was possible to fall off a segway. He broke several ribs and collapsed a lung. I didn't think my day could get any better but low and behold it did!
  13. H7N9 - New Bird Flu

    A New Bird Flu H7N9 is taking a foot hold in China as we speak. Confirmed cases have been spreading exponentially over the past 3 weeks. As of today there are 82 Cases, with 17 Fatalities, 60 currently in the hospital and 5 recovered. These numbers have doubled over the past 7 days. This...
  14. Aeroprecision Lowers back in stock!

    Stripped lowers - 200 Bucks if anyone is still looking. More than twice what I paid for my builds, but still cheaper than whats out there right now Stripped Lower Receiver | Aeroprecision
  15. Turning Antis around .. One at a time

    I just received this note from a student I had for my NRA basic Pistol Class last weekend. [smile] I love it when I am able to get through the fog Thanks for the picture and THANK YOU for being such a great teacher, mentor, and professional in all aspects of the course from start to finish...
  16. Debt ceiling vote symbolic for patriots

    Not sure if this is a Dupe, but too good not to share and great to see it printed in something other than a web forum Printed in the North Carolina Herald Sun Link Debt ceiling vote symbolic for patriots The Aug. 2 debt ceiling deadline represents the future of our country but not in the...
  17. Great Deal on Voodoo Tactical Padded Rifle Cases

    I found a great deal on Voodoo tactical rifle cases from the Sportsman's Guide This is what the coyote one looks like If you choose to become...
  18. Surefire Making Magazines?

    Gee I wonder if these new magazines will be mass compliant? [shocked]
  19. It all started with one..... not guns, those damn air fresheners that scare the crap out of me when ever I walk in a room! First there was the bathroom, then the other bathrooms, now there everywhere including the basement. I swear every time I hear it I think I'm being attacked by a Jungle pygmy with a...
  20. Ky. Man Forced To Eat Own Beard

    LMAO [rofl] Ky. Man Forced To Eat Own Beard Fight Over Tractor Sale Led To Odd Meal LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. -- A central Kentucky man said he's waiting for justice to be served after two men shaved his beard, then made him eat it.
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