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  1. Tackling Gun Violence Panelist Discussion- WBUR 90.9 (local public radio) - tonight, 3/11 at 6:30

    Didn’t see this posted. There’s going to be a “panel discussion” broadcast tonight with Gov. Baker, Speaker DeLeo, A.G. Healy and more ....... Storyline - Massachusetts has the lowest firearm death and disability rate in the continental U.S. This is the result of a set of policies that were...
  2. Places People Bring Their Guns - ABC News Tonight 8/17 @ 6:30

    FYI - Charlie Gibson is doing a story on this topic tonight. From the promo's it sounds like it might be a fear mongering piece! Features KY Pastor's bring your gun to church story, along with people bringing guns to restaurants, etc. It'll be interesting I'm sure!
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