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  1. What happens if the peak doesn't come?

    They currently base the peak on what has happened in other countries so what if it never comes?
  2. Damn that must've hurt!

    Man gets run over by a deer View:
  3. Hot Pepper Lovers

    Anyone here grow your hot peppers from seed? I thought there was a thread here but I googled and couldn't find one. I bought my seeds from White Hot Pepper last year gets great reviews but did not have any luck with them. This year I bought from Bohica Pepper Hut gets really good reviews and not...
  4. Uninvited guest in shed

    So what are the best means to dispatch an illegal in my shed. First no guns, knives or baseball bats and no poison suggestions at all. I don't want to kill any wildlife other than the one illegal so Dcon is out, is a basic mouse trap truly the best method? I used to have a cat and she would kill...
  5. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    Now that Virginia is a wholly Democrat enclave the D's are coming for the guns. I wonder how many gun toting Virginians voted for the big D just desserts and all that...
  6. Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor Who's Using What?

    I have been using a Gillette Mach 3 razor for years. I used to get them from a Gillette salesman I did work for. Given the Gillette anti-men ads and costs I was looking at switching to another cartridge but it looks like safety razors give a better shave and are cheaper to use overall also the...
  7. New shingle roof costs

    Does anyone know the current cost per square of a roof with architectural shingles? I currently have only one layer to strip and I want to make sure I have a good ballpark figure I can use to compare quotes. Thanks in advance!
  8. Nike...Another reason not buy their products

    Looks like Nike is at it again They use sweatshop labor to make their product and sell it at 1000% markup to Americans but they agree your flag is racist. Please spend your money wisely! Nike dropped Betsy Ross-themed Fourth of July sneaker after Colin Kaepernick complained, report says
  9. Georgette won't be down for breakfast

    Georgia Engel, Actress on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' Dies at 70 The many keep falling I don't think the new generation can relate to the miriad of TV show personalities they missed out on or wish they could have had.
  10. Liberal License Plate Gone Wild

    Saw this gem of a license plate today another liberal using the registry to put forth their views Don't know what is says well let me enlighten you Impeach The M-F'er Already Wow!! did you know if the registry gets enough complaint's little moonbat will get their hand slapped and lose that...
  11. Last Minute Gift Ideas

    I was looking for some last minute unique gift ideas for my wife and a friend of mine. Need stocking stuffer type small gifts I was thinking about a massage gift card. I know neither has ever done that but my wife is a little picky about people who even touch her fingernails. Not sure but all...
  12. Leenks

    Anyone ever been to this site before? I belong to another forum not gun related and it has a long running thread on Leenks. Really good pics a lot of hotties too taken from the web some pics are fabulous as well. Random pics of the week (Dec 12 '18) -
  13. Need YouTube Help

    I am sure it is an easy fix but I can't seem to find one. I am having trouble with the occasional video where there is no sound. Some are vids I have watched before with no problems and I can watch them on my phone with sound. I don't see any any controls to solve the issue I am having with the...
  14. Need Help for a Horse Soldier

    Please if you are facebook user clink the link below. The cause is for a decorated deceased 5th Group Special Forces soldier whose unit the book and movie Horse Soldiers is about. His name is SFC (ret) Christopher Matthew Poer he was a friend and mentor to my son who is actively deployed in the...
  15. Heads Up!!! Eastern Security Safe Sale in Mendon

    Drove by Eastern Safe tonight they are having a 4 day sale a lot of safes under a tent in the main parking lot. For all those looking this might be a good time to buy. Don't need any myself have to buy more guns to fill what I have.
  16. A/C mini split system installation costs

    Anyone have a multi unit mini split installed recently. Was wondering if anyone knows the cost or rough cost of one with 4 wall units and one exterior single stack condenser? Thanks in advance
  17. Clint Walker won't be down for breakfast

    For all you old western TV show and TV tough guys of the 50's and 60's shows a true man has passed. 'Cheyenne,' 'Small Soldiers' actor Clint Walker dies at 91
  18. Good News Remington Out of Bankruptcy

    This is good news even for the Remington haters we can't afford to lose gun manufacturers no matter what you think. U.S. gunmaker Remington exits bankruptcy in tough gun climate
  19. Ruger Email Hmmnn

    Anyone get this email and wonder what proposal they are talking about. They should have included the passage so we can read it instead of having to look for it.
  20. Ignore and how many use it?

    I am curious since I am bored tonight how many actually use the ignore function so they don't have to read certain peoples replies, threads, etc.? Now the reason I ask this is because I don't find it counterproductive to ignore basically what could be an enemies stance. How could you challenge...
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