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  1. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    Only when MichaelJR comes back and officially declares it!
  2. Red Dot Recommendation

    How many manufacturers do you think don't use components that are made in Chy-Na? Especially in the OP's price range.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up maura

    Was that an intentional double entendre?
  4. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    Sorry, I was being sarcastic. I thought it would be obvious, but after reading again, I can see it wasn't easily perceived.
  5. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    But wouldn't that open them up to audits at least? I'm sure Warren and Sanders would form a committee to hold them accountable.
  6. Coronavirus Prompts NH Governor To Issue 'Stay At Home' Order

    What happened to: "When Tyranny Becomes Law, Resistance Is Duty." Isn't it a little tyrannical to limit interstate travel? Isn't one of the things that makes the United States great the fact that we are all part of the same country and don't require papers to cross state lines? I know, I...
  7. Where is the Bailout Bill?????

    I saw this as well. Almost spit my coffee out I laughed so hard. They're a joke, this whole thing is a joke, and we're the punchline.
  8. Where is the Bailout Bill?????

    Is that rhetorical? Of course it's still there...a majority of it anyway. Rino's have no balls and they're all suckling from the same teets at the end of the day. Congress is like WWE without the entertainment value. Scripted nonsense for the masses.
  9. Report: unidentified database exposes 200 million Americans CENSUS???

    So it's marginally worse than being Equif&*ked.
  10. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    Of course. Now he can say he locked it down without actually locking it down.
  11. Politicians dumping stock prior to crash after virus briefing

    Potato, potatoe - nothing will happen to any of them except for maybe having a finger wagged in their face (at best)!!
  12. Politicians dumping stock prior to crash after virus briefing

    Politicians are allowed to trade on insider's one of the perks. Rules for thee not for me and all that. Come on, you've been around long enough to know there's a protected class...and you and I ain't it.
  13. Exclusive Video Report: The Scourge Of Hoplophobia Revealed!!!

    What's funny are the reports of people who previously weren't interested or didn't own firearms now panic buying them because of the WuFlu.
  14. Just got a text message from the Warren campaign

    The last laugh is when she goes back to the Senate to "represent" Massachusetts. There really should be a law that says - If you're running for higher office, you forfeit whatever seat you currently hold, and you don't just get to slide back into it when you lose.
  15. Sig P220C Mags

    I have a couple of these Sig P220 Compact mags available. $25 each - Brand New
  16. Hornady 223 Reloading Dies, Brand New

    Got a few different things I figured I'd try to sell since I'm not using them: Hornady reloading dies, none of them have been used - $35 each The 45 dies aren't actually available anymore but the 9mm, 10mm/40 and 223 are. 9mm, 45 and 10mm are sold.
  17. Need help. Reloaders please read

    Powders: Shooters World Major Pistol Alliant Sport Pistol HP-38 CFE 223 Ramshot TAC Bullets/Projectiles: RMR (Rocky Mountain Reloading) for pistol - particularly 9MM Also get my .223 bullets from RMR but they're typically Hornady Primers: CCI 500 CCI 400 Fiocchi SPP Remington SPP...
  18. SOLD CZ Customs PCR 9MM - SOLD

    I'm selling my CZ Customs PCR. Basically brand new, and barely fired. Maybe 100 rounds through it. I bought it as a carry gun but it was a little big so in the safe it sat. $1,150.00 SOLD Comes with three 10 round mags, original tupperware and Grizzle Leather Holster Action job with...
  19. WTS 45 ACP Reloading Supplies and Dies

    2,100 Fiocchi Large Pistol Primers - $50 3,000 230 Grain 45 ACP Plated Projectiles (Mix of RMR and Xtreme) - $330 Bunch of 45 Brass there's at least 1,500 - I'm not counting it. - $50 Also have the Dillon three die set with carbide sizing die used but in mint condition. = $60 $450 for...
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