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  1. WTS SOLD Masterpiece Arms Competition Chassis with Remington 700 AAC-SD Barreled Action

    Up for sale is a Masterpiece Arms Burnt Bronze Competition Chassis with Remington SPS tactical 700 AAC-SD 1:10 twist 20” threaded barrel in .308 Winchester. This is not professionally bedded. Previous owner had the bolt handle put on. Chassis is in excellent shape no blemishes at all. Bought...
  2. SOLD SOLDGlock 27 Gen2.5 with lots of extras SOLD

    Up for sale is a Mass "preban" Glock 27. Has original Glock night sights, so are a little dim. It's an older model so has some wear, but nothing bad at all. Talon sandpaper grips installed. Can be removed easily. Comes with: Lone wolf. 40 barrel (will include original oem barrel). Zev small...
  3. 308 Ar10 headspace check.

    In the process of assembling a 308 upper. Have a Proof Research barrel with a Jp Enterprises BCG. I am told by Proof Research themselves that all their barrels are matched to JP bolts on factory builds. I purchased my barrel and Bcg separate and not direct from either manufacturer. So should I...
  4. WTS SPF Otterbox Venture 45 coolers

    For sale is this impressive OtterBox Venture 45qt cooler. MADE IN THE USA. These coolers will hold ice much longer than a Yeti. Do the research. Literally brand new. Still have all packaging. I'm going with the smaller 20 venture instead. This is to big for my needs. Cooler comes with 2 dividers...
  5. WTS SOLD Eagle Industries CIRAS BALCS plate carrier

    For sale is an Eagle Industries CIRAS plate carrier with cummerbund and BALCS small arms kevlar soft inserts. Its basically new, Never worn outside. This is a top quality heavy duty carrier, the real deal with NSN numbers. The inserts are outdated. Size is medium Color is FDE I'm 5'11 and around...
  6. WTS LWRC Carbine Quad Rail

    Up for sale is a lightly used LWRC 3 piece 7" carbine quad rail. Uses standard milspec barrel nut. This rail is very sturdy and robust. Removable top cover for piston or gas block access. $110 $80 Rick
  7. WTS Faxon Ar15 Barrel

    Up for sale is a brand new Faxon 223 wylde pencil profile barrel. 14.5" stainless 5r rifling, no muzzle device. Match Series- 14.5" Pencil, .223 Wylde, Mid-Length, 416R, Nitride, 5R, Nickel Teflon Extension Sell for $200 $175 Rick Hanover.
  8. WTB Proof Research Ar10 CF barrel

    Hello, looking for a Proof Research Ar10 Carbon fiber barrel. Prefer an 18" or a 20" barrel length. Rick
  9. WTS Ar-15 Stocks For sale

    I Have one Ar15 stock for sale, used very little. 1- Vltor EMOD A5 Commercial buffer stock $85 $80obo. 75$ 2- Ace Skeleton stock. SOLD Location:Hanover Rick
  10. WTS Preban Colt style carbine 9mm magazines SOLD

    Selling new preban 20 round, in original packages, 3 Colt style carbine 9mm magazines. Two are never used, one is barely used. Must have class A ltc. All local laws followed SOLD.
  11. Preban CZ-75 magazines

    Just looking for the 15 round preban cz-75 mags. Let me know what you got. Rick
  12. WTS Ibanez Jem7v 2002 Steve Vai Signature Guitar.

    Up for sale is near mint 2002 Ibanez JEM7v Steve Vai Signature guitar. This has the sought after Ebony fret board and LoPro Edge bridge. I say near mint because i literally cant find a blemish, there is nothing specific to take a picture of since it has no issues. The frets are excellent, the...
  13. WTS Guitar Gear, pedals, preamp, speaker.

    Hello, I have some gear for sale, NICE GEAR!!! Carvin Legacy Drive -TLD-1. Literally used for 2 hrs max. Have original box, papers, 9v power cord. -$475 Orange Micro Dark mini amp. Barely used also. No box- SOLD Orange 2x12 PPC112- $325 Ibanez Jemini Distortion Pedal. This is used but works...
  14. WTS BNIB Rigid industries 20" LED Combo light bar.

    Up for sale is a brand new sealed in box Rigid Industries light bar, model 12031 combo. Had this kicking around for a while and I'm just not going to install it. As far as i know it has no mounting bracket. These are a very high quality LED, Amazingly rugged, and Mega bright. Price is $450 obo...
  15. WTB Ibanez Jem Electric Guitars

    Hello, Im looking for genuine Ibanez Jem electric guitars. I do not want Jem jr's or Fakes, i know the fakes so don't try to sell me one. Id prefer older Jems, such as, 777's 77FP's or older Ebony fret board 7v's. Whatever you have let me know. Rick
  16. WTS 16" Bartlein .308 Winchester barrel Rem 700

    Selling a Brand new 16" Bartlein .308 Winchester Barrel blank with 5r rifling. Im not entirely sure of the contour, i believe its an M24/40 contour, I could get some caliper measurements if needed. Selling to fund a different project. Price: $350 $325
  17. Best and easiest way to remove paint from a complete upper.?

    Hello. I just picked up a used Colt complete upper that had been rattle canned. Id love to have the upper stripped and cleaned back to new. This is the Colt 6945 10.3 inch complete upper with the monolithic rail, so removing the barrel isn't straight forward, i don't have the special wrench i...
  18. Any Nissan Skyline GTR owners here?

    Ever since the early 90's the Skyline was my dream car that I thought I could never own. Now that the 25 year import rule has been here for a couple years I've done some research and seriously considering getting one. I'm obsessed, constantly watching YouTube vids, what an amazing car and...
  19. Local Gunsmith for Remington 700 custom work.

    Anyone know of a local Smith that does custom work on Rem 700's and or custom bolt rifles? I'm Looking for either a full custom action and barrel or have my Remmy 700 trued and re-barreled. I'm on the south shore, but they don't have to be my next door neighbor.
  20. Go no Go Gauges, what to buy?

    My build has a 5.56 chamber, my bolt is a Stag . I noticed while looking for gauges, they sell both 5.56 and 223. Do i need both, or just the 5.56? I'm assuming I'll be GTG with 223 if the 5.56 gauge is a go?
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