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  1. Those dangerous Cracker Barrel restaurants....

    Someone I'm associated with shared this on FB last night and I figured everyone here would appreciate the article. I'm curious to hear what the responses are, so I won't comment on it just yet. Fair warning, the article does contain some very NSFW language, so be careful. Link
  2. Accounting error in California/California deficit

    Oopsie It seems that Jerry Brown's administration made a 1.9 BILLION dollar accounting error when they were figuring out the costs for Medi-cal last year. You can't make this up. We, as a nation, are paying for these scumbags healthcare and not only have the morons who are running it...
  3. Clinton foundation announces lay-offs

    Didn't see a thread on this, so apologies if it's a dupe. Looks like the Clinton foundation is closing one of their shell companies subsidiaries. I guess there isn't as much money rolling in these days...... LINK
  4. Anybody buy a Spyderco at KTP? Oopsie
  5. Little girl kept in a box

    Link I don't believe in the christian god, but if he does happen to exist, I hope he tasks satan with creating a special level of hell specifically to come up with new tortures for all the people involved in this. This poor, poor breaks my heart.
  6. hostage situation in Florida

    Bank Robbery Best quote from the article: Unless "God" is the nickname of the bullet-resistant facade on your daycare/church, you might want to be hustling the kids out the back and finding somewhere else to be.
  7. Speed demon

    And I thought I was a little reckless with the speed limits when I was younger.
  8. Leonard Cohen

    I won't do a "won't be down" thread because I hate to hear it, but Leonard Cohen passed away.
  9. Salem police

    Did anyone see this article? The officer involved is married to the Salem chief of police. They are both on paid leave. His lawyer is claiming that it was consensual. It should...
  10. Gloucester police chief under investigation

    It sucks He actually seems like a really decent cop and one who is interested in helping people. Does anyone have any idea what the investigation is about?
  11. The NJ Obamacare coop won't be down for breakfast

    Link Let em all burn! Link Wait, you mean having to pay for the people that other folks are losing money on is putting you under financial strain? But, that implies that socialist policies won't work in the end. That can't be right....
  12. EDC/Pocket dump

    One of the recent threads (link) got me to thinking that I don't believe I've ever seen a pocket dump thread on here. I always get a kick out of seeing/hearing about what other folks carry on a daily basis, so it's show and tell time! What's in your walletpockets? On a normal day I carry a...
  13. Professor goes on hunger strike

    Link "I have long ago come to terms with the notion that life is not fair." Meanwhile, his actions are the equivalent of a two year old throwing himself in the floor, kicking and screaming in an attempt to get his way. This reminds me of the morons in congress having their childish sit down...
  14. Nazi secretary: Just another job

    Link It's an interesting article. They interviewed Joseph Goebbels' secretary: Which is probably exactly what it was for her. Many members of the Nazi party seem to have just been doing what it took to survive. Not everyone was guarding concentration camps. Another very interesting and...
  15. DEA stealing money

    Link Seizure laws are completely unconstitutional. They are one of the worst aspects of the "war on drugs" that has largely contributed to the police state we are now living in. [/FONT][/COLOR] I'm sure that EVERY single cent of the cash gets turned in, every single...
  16. America the way it should be

    I was looking through FB earlier and found this post from a Sheriff's deputy in the county I grew up in. Imagine if they had recovered it up here?
  17. Democrat hypocrisy?

    I am shocked! Food stamp fraud She can always move to MA....I'm sure she would be welcomed with open arms.
  18. Governor LePage cracking down on SNAP recipients?

    Sugar crackdown I love this guy. He asked for permission from the .gov to stop allowing the sales of soda and candy bars on EBT cards, pointing out legitimate concerns and now that they've rejected his idea, he's going to do it anyhow. [rofl] I'm very curious how they justify allowing SNAP...
  19. Reason #8,693 why I hate living in a condo

    My wife was sitting in the living room this afternoon and one of the neighbors came tapping at the door. This woman says "uhm, one of the other neighbors and I couldn't help but notice that the tree beside your driveway is in bad shape. We talked to the condo board and brought in an arborist...
  20. Harper Lee won't be down

    Link Sucks really bad. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favorite books.
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